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Patronage of the Orisha Rey Changó in the Yoruba Religion

Chango yoruba religion

Chango is the orisha of justice, lightning, thunder and fire.

It is said that he was deified for his actions as king in the city of Oyó, described under two aspects: historical and divine.

He is considered a highly revered Orisha in Yoruba cult and pantheon which has spread to many nations of the world.

In nature it is the Orisha of lightning and fire, and in the earthly of justice, virility, and dance.

Chango is called Yakutá, the stone thrower and Obakoso, king of Kosso and his name in Yoruba means unruly, as it symbolizes the dance, the festivities and the joy of living.

He was the fourth King of Oyó and also the first Awo or soothsayer, but he changed the Ashe of divination with Orunmila for that of dance.

Why is Shango the patron of dance and drums?

Although the figure of Changó is usually associated with war, his patronage is more related to music and dance.

The god of Thunder is also the owner of the Batá drums because he exchanged the Ifá oracle with Orula for the Batá, Wemdamientos, Ilú Batá or Bembés drums.

For this reason, Shango also represents the need and the joy of living, the intensity of life, the party, the dance, love without barriers.

And we not only ask for your help to solve issues related to injustices and enemies, but we call you to ask you to intercede in love dilemmas or to guide us to achieve our goals.

The Yoruba Story of the Drum God

A patakí or Yoruba legend indicates that the drum was made by Osain and Oggún, but that neither of them knew how to get a melody out of it, no matter how hard they tried.

Shango, seeing the noise, approached and asked to be allowed to play the instrument.

It was such a melody that began to flow from the drum under his hands, that everyone, deities, humans and animals, was enraptured and immediately began to dance.

For this reason, in Cuban Santeria or the Rule of Osha, this singular and powerful Orisha is related to the playing of the sacred Batá drums.

Learn more about Shango, his offerings and attentions:

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