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Why is Chango known in Santeria? The Orisha with a voice of thunder

Cuban holy shank

The cult of Shango in SanteriaIn its current form, it is syncretic, with roots in the Yoruba religion of Nigeria, but with many Catholic symbols and rituals.

Shango, also called Changó, is a main deity of the Yoruba religion that belongs to their pantheon between other deities known as Orishas.

The ancestral Shango was the fourth king of the people of Oyó. Oral tradition describes him as powerful, with a voice like thunder and a mouth that spat fire when he spoke.

Changó (in Yoruba, Ṣàngó), is the orisha of justice, and in nature he is the master of lightning, thunder and fire.

His deity is syncretized with Santa Barbara in Cuban Santeria.

What can Chango do with his power?

As the bearer of lightning, Shango:

  • Provides victory over enemies and protects from all evil.
  • Break hexes, curses, and evil spells.
  • Enjoy warfare, competitive sports, martial arts, and dance.

Shango's followers proclaimed him a god and said that storms were Shango's wrath, avenging his enemies.

It is said that Shango played the batá drums, instruments of which he is the owner, to summon storms; even in some cults their devotees continue to use them for that purpose.

Some characteristics that define Shango

From a genealogical point of view, Shango is a royal ancestor of the Yoruba, as he was the third Alafin of the Kingdom of Oyó before its posthumous deification.

Shango is one of the Orishas, ​​mythological deities that are worshiped with great popularity as gods in the Yoruba religion of Nigeria, the Santeria of the Caribbean and the Candomble of Brazil.

It is the deity whose power is imagined between thunder and lightning.

As the fourth legendary king of the ancient kingdom of Oyó, stories tell that the rule of Shango was characterized by the capricious use of power. One account even states that Shango was fascinated with magical powers.

In Cuban Santeria it is highly revered, every Cuban hearing the name "Chango" recognizes a holy orisha, a powerful deity, who wherever his energy goes comes victory, strength and firmness.

Where is Shango from? The origin of the king of kings

The worship of Shango as a deity was brought to America from the African Yoruba tribe during slavery, a deity whose power is represented by the images of thunder and lightning.

The god of thunder, is part of the most acclaimed African legends around the world, coming from West Africa, specifically from Nigeria.

Who are Shango's parents and wives?

He is the son of the white king Obatalá, the supreme orisha and twin brother of Ogún, the orisha god of war.

He is also the son of Yemayá and of the mother goddess, protector of birth,

Among his wives are the female orishas Oyá, Oshun and Oba.

Powerful works and offerings dedicated to King Shango:

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