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The Chichiricú Artist of Good or Evil in the Yoruba Religion?


The Chichiricú It is an entity belonging to the Afro bilongo descendant of the Caribbean cultures.

He is depicted with the phenotype of a little black man with grotesque features, expressive bulging eyes, long pointed fingers, and a mesmerizing gaze.

This spirit habita in aquiferous surfaces such as rivers with little tributary and lagoons.

Places that help to scare and attack by forced immersion outsiders who enter alone in the thick of the mountain.

What are the powers that represent the Chichiricú?

Among its virtues is being an extremely elusive incarnation, for this reason and to facilitate its escape the Chichiricú is naked.

This character is also described as presenting a great cephalic disproportion with respect to the rest of his body.

The source of their powers lies partially reflected in the secrets of the mountain, although it is believed that these entities have been given immolations of animals, including humans in ancient times.

Another of his favorite dishes are brandy, tobacco and all kinds of sweet foods such as sweet potato and malarrabia.

The legends about his figure relate that they cause all kinds of evils among which are:

  • Diseases,
  • blindness,
  • paralysis,
  • terror and
  • curses, especially highlighting the distortion of fate.

They are in love specters so they tend to harass pretty young women to disturb them and keep their suitors away, thus preventing them from getting married.

Some ways to connect with the energy of the Chichiricú:

One of the most popular ways of contacting these entities dates back to the night of San Juan, where twelve men called Juanes must go to meet them when the passage of the Blessed Sacrament occurs at twelve o'clock at night.

Others affirm that at the same time, turning a ceiba tree twelve times against the hands of the clock and only after having offered it a tribute, does the Chichiricú appear to make a pact with the human being or destroy it, a risk that some desperate people are willing to take.

Generally the Chichiricú does not live alone, but is accompaniedaña of a representation of the same gender, but distinctive of the female sex.

These are most often related to the Rule of the Suit Mayombe than with Ifa, due to its clear currents related to the power struggle and destruction.

Due to their malignant potential, the Chichiricús come to be considered as dark spirits, but unlike other negative souls they have great development of their capacities and powers.

So much so that the mayombero uses them to reinforce the secret of his garment and annihilate his enemies.

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