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Oshún is offered the goat only if it is castrated ► Know this story

The pataki relates that Oshun y orunmila They were happily married, their marriage like everyone had periods of ups and downs, but they always managed to keep the flame of love intact and overcome crises holding hands.

Pataki where Orula betrays the pact with his wife Oshún

A few years after getting married, Oshún became seriously ill.

Doctors in the region had no hope of his recovery so they prepared his family for the worst.

After a few months, as the doctors had predicted, the owner of the honey died.

Not without first making her husband promise that he would never marry or become romantically involved with another woman, a promise that he swore to respect.

As time went by, Orunmila did not respect the oath he had made to his wife on her deathbed and continued to frequent women and the idea of ​​remarrying if he found the right woman had even crossed his mind.

Oshún's spirit rages against Orula

A matter that bothered the spirit of Oshún enough who became enraged with him and began to torment him.

Ozain of the Mount Seeing the unbridled life that Orula was leading, he reminded him of the pact that Orula had established with his late wife.

Then the Ifá oracle settled down and tried to compose all the mess that it had created until then by not keeping its word.

Orula decided to look at himself and seek advice from Ifá, leaving on the board as the first message Oshún's disgust for him and how disappointed she was in him.

Ifá marks the ebbó of a "castrated goat" to appease the fury of Oshún

Then Ifá marked him an ebbó to mitigate Oshún's fury, which required that he buy a goat and castrate it at home.

The soothsayer had to take the goat's testicles and wrap them in one of his underpants, then give them to Oshún's messenger so that she could send them to his palace in the kingdom of heaven as proof of his repentance.

And finally, he had to give the goat in the river in order to clear his name and appease the fury felt by the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon.

The offering and its change in lifestyle was the way Orula found to satisfy Oshún, that is why goats are sacrificed to this deity only if they are castrated.

Otherwise he would never receive this immolation because he considered it a lack of respect towards his person.

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