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How to protect yourself with an energy circle? A Ritual of Cleansing

Energy circle

Energy is a powerful weapon of defenseThis is responsible for the law of attraction to be fulfilled and for human beings to be spiritually connected to each other and to nature.

To work with energy, the first thing that man needs is to understand the importance of its meaning and how vital it is to use it for the good.

Man is covered by an astral energy field called hate, this according to its color reveals data of the personality of the individual at the same time that it acts as a protective shield against negative energies.

On other occasions, it absorbs them, spiritually damaging the person, hence the necessary establishment of rituals to guarantee the protection and purification of the energy field of the human being.  

Powerful ritual to create protection with a circle of white energy:

To obtain protection using energy the first thing is to place yourself in a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

To perform this exercise you can be sitting or lying down preferably wearing light clothing and leaving aside the shoes.

  1. You must start through breathing, with the help of a deep inspiration, for a couple of minutes you must mentalize yourself protected and safe.
  2. Continue to breathe in deeply, while gently exhaling.
  3. Visualize a circle of energy in the form of white light on your body, which surrounds you making you feel inside a cocoon, in which you feel comfortable and well protected.

Stop to feel how this energy that forms the cocoon moves while it gently envelops you as you mentalize how little by little the fragments of negative energy are expelled from your aura, leaving it free, pure and renewed.

  1. Focus your ideas on feeling that the cocoon that has been created of protective energy prevents negative energy from passing into your body.
  2. You feel light, so nothing affects you and you are in harmony with the environment in which you surround yourself.
  3. Stay five minutes with this last visualization of your body where you are comfortable.

Continue taking deep breaths and relax.

Gently imagine that the cocoon is becoming invisible while it becomes indestructible, mentalize that you will be surrounded by it for a long time so you should not fear, or lose faith.

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