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What are the Degrees of Development that Spirits reach?

Spirit classes

Every spirit is a reflection of what it was when it lived.

It is said that death does NOT lead to a change in the way of being of the person who dies and that he retains the same qualities and the same defects.

Although these spirits do change and reach certain degrees of development.

Degrees in which the different Classes of Spirits develop

Worship of eggun and spirits

First grade:

They are very high spirits, of great knowledge, they are pure and merciful beings.

But despite their generosity, they can be vigilante warriors to the people they protect and defend.

These spirits always surpass everything that was subject on the earth plane.

Qualities of the Spirits found in the first degree

They were people who during their stay on earth had abilities to heal, to have gifts, who performed many miracles and when they died they are worshiped.

  • For example saints, angels, archangels, in general people deified after death.

Second grade:

These exert on matter that is the body, and their purposes are to do good, to help on the earthly plane.

How do the Spirits that are in the second degree manifest?

These spirits are very good, they are not selfish beings and they are not attached to the material.

They are guiding and protective beings who when they lived were very human, they applied their teachings, and above all they were very altruistic and kind.

  • Scientists, doctors, mystical beings, Africans, Arabs, in general people who were charitable can belong to this degree.

These spirits complete their task through the mediums with the mission entrusted and assigned to them.

They also help the lower spirits through their knowledge so that they can rise and achieve a good degree of spiritual development.

Third degree:

These spirits are very backward, their morals are doubtful, they are very selfish and they work in order to do evil.

The Spirits found in the third degree: Types and characteristics

These spirits are the ones who agree on any task regardless of who they are going to harm, they are very imperfect and materialize, they rejoice at the impacts they produce on others.

  • Everything bad can be done by these spirits.

Here are some examples of these kinds of spirits:

Obsessive Spirits:

When you are spiritual these spirits feed on your light and are constantly bothering you in order to weaken your spirit.

They do it without caring how you feel and they cause a lot of discomfort in your body.

These obsessors must always be removed by a good spiritist with a high degree of development together with a spiritual guide who will accompany him in this task.

Mocking spirits:

They are very naughty and malicious, they are usually found in all areas and do not waste a second doing evil things.

  • They use any type of noise, blows, the same wind, door pulling and other manifestations so that we think that they are with us and they rejoice in those sensations that cause us fear.

They always hide behind another identity like the Wija or séances that are not properly guided by people with a specific level of development.

Hardened spirits:

They shun good spirits, do not accept spiritual prayers, and do not admit advice.

I mean, these spirits they never get over the problems they might have in life.

If they were spiteful in life, they will continue to be so as a spirit and therefore imply a danger, because after death they have more power, they can do a lot of damage to those who perhaps offended them or with those who had problems.

Repentant spirits:

These are not spirits at all malicious, they made mistakes in their lives and they are beings that need a lot from us to help them through our prayers to alleviate their sadness and reach the light.

Dark spirits:

In their earthly life these spirits were depraved, of low morals and not very honest.

  • They usually suffer imposing deaths such as murders, suicides, drugged, and these spirits await a very long way to be able to purify.

Whatever damage they do to these spirits, they don't care, because they never regret it.

The spirit world is beautiful but complex, we go into it but we must always bear in mind that to do so we must be careful and know what is being done, because far from helping you these beings may bother you.

Remember that light and the sentence to every soul and spirit they are the greatest reward you can offer.

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