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Do you know the Types of "Spiritual Masses" that are performed?

Spiritual Mass classes

Spiritual Masses they are spiritistic elements of ancestor worship. They are a sacred way of honoring spirits and seeking their support and protection on the path of life.

These Masses are ceremonies that involve a spiritual gathering that invoke entities of Eggun or spirits of the deceased.

Before a spiritual vault, we begin with the reading of prayers of love to the Heavenly Father and other prayers for the invocation of the spirits, so that they attend and listen to our joys and sorrows and above all give us light on the path of life.

These ceremonies not only allow communication with the spirits in certain situations, but also help these beings of light to calmly continue their way to the afterlife.

Likewise, the Spiritual Mass allows the ancestors to be shown important steps in people's lives, such as consecrations.

Lthe classes of Spiritual Masses:

Classes of spiritual masses in spiritism

We must know that there are several kinds of spiritual masses, according to the purpose that is required and the characteristics of a certain person.

In addition, the spiritual masses are also differentiated according to the objective with which the spirits are to be invoked.

Next, we describe some typologies:

1. Mass of spiritual investigation:

For the research mass, a person sits in front of the spiritual vault, accompaniedañaIt takes a minimum of two more people, and the medium, who is the figure responsible for transmitting the Spiritual messages.

The medium will also give light and guide the interested party to overcome the problems in his entire environment and then begin to describe and detail the Spirits that accompany him.añan, your Spiritual Guide and Protective Panel, in addition to deceased beings and relatives who may also present themselves.

The mediums describe to the person all the problems that are affecting him, as well as the reasons or causes for which he is going through this situation.

In this way he provides help, advice and attention that can be given to the spirits to obtain clarity and spiritual growth.

2. Spiritual Coronation Mass:

In this ceremony the Guiding Spirits are placed in the corresponding place of the person to be crowned, in order to guide them and fulfill their mission and destiny on earth.

3. Mass of spiritual development:

These Masses are intended for people who are starting the Spiritual path, as they show how to proceed in the Masses and the correct way to work, the appropriate prayers, prayers in each case, and the way to communicate with the Spirits of his Spiritual Protector Picture.

These ceremonies must be guided by a spiritist with knowledge and professionalism of the Work or Spiritual Path and fully prepared to teach others.

4. Spiritual Elevation Mass:

Ceremonies directed to any Spirit that is present in this plane or Physical World, that has already passed away, but that is still considered alive and does not recognize its true state.

Thus, through the intervention of Spiritual Prayers and Light, he is given knowledge of his death and is helped to reach the other plane.

There are also Thanksgiving Masses to give thanks for the advice and support to the spirits and others for give knowledge of ceremonies, tributes and spiritual festivals.

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