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How does Ogun speak in the Oracle of Obi? Tips from the Iron Owner

Coco to Ogun

Oggun He is one of the major deities of the Yoruba Pantheon, master and lord of iron, representative of blacksmiths, hunters, of the strong in spirit and character.

To him are allotted all the beginnings of the world, and the powers of leadership, command and strength. Defiant and fearsome warrior who stands out above the rest of the Orishas for the violence and authority with which he acts.

OggĂșn is the patron of blacksmiths, the warrior of the mountain, of wars, surgeons, protector and watchman of anyone who works with metals, his favorite element by nature.

Second warrior Orisha and is received by all practitioners of the Rule of the Ocha (Santeria), just behind Eleggua.

Tireless and strong Orisha who hides in the mountains to work metal day and night.

His symbol is the Embelebobo machete, a tool with which he faces all his enemies in his eternal fight, but which he also uses to make his way through the mountains.

OgĂșn speaks through the Oracle of Obi or BiaguĂ©

OgĂșn speaks in the coconut

OggĂșn speaks with his devotees through the Oracle of Obi or BiaguĂ©, one of the most important Yoruba oracles, which serves to communicate the consultants with the Orishas. Thus, the deities help them to prevent themselves from different evils and advise them.

The Biagué oracle It owes its name to a soothsayer named Biagué, who according to Yoruba legends was the first priest who worked with the pieces of coconut (obi) and transmitted the teachings of the oracle, thus he openly exposed it to consult the Orishas from the simple to the complex of the Yoruba pantheon.

This system was the same as that used by his son Adiatoto (the name by which the oracle is also known) to show everyone that he possessed the wisdom of his father and that he was therefore his true heir.

Tips and Letters from OggĂșn in BiaguĂ©

The orisha speaks in the Oracle of Biagué when three coconuts fall at right angles and the other one slightly separated from the rest.

The employer of the blacksmiths can help us especially in matters of protection and personal safety.

It is invoked as follows:

Ikepe min. Ai ku Baba wa.

And he is thanked for his intervention by singing the following Suyere:

Areré Oggun, aguaniyé Oggun, fina malu ekuå, febu kua maku, ri or shibiriku, alafia moyugba.

OggĂșn speaks to his devotees through the different signs of the Oracle of BiaguĂ©, always indicating a path to follow for the fulfillment of destiny:


  • The 4 obbinu (pieces of coconuts) fall face up

OggĂșn says that the consultant will triumph because he has decided to protect him and will be by his side to guarantee his safety. He says to put OtĂ­ (brandy) on him and the warriors.


  • Of the 4 obbinu, 3 fall face up, and 1 face down.

OggĂșn has been saying that there is one thing missing for the consultant to be able to succeed, but that he takes into account that he is making an effort to achieve it. It indicates that he is at war with his enemies, and they could defeat him if he does not do things right. He advises putting a rooster on the warriors and begging for their heads with coconut to achieve success.


  • Of the 4 obbinu 2 fall face up, and 2 face down.

The pattern of the irons says that the consultant must put more effort in following the teachings of IfĂĄ, so his path will be cleaner and he will not have so many obstacles.

It indicates that he must put adimĂș (offering) of food to the warriors for 7 days and then take it to the forest to deliver it to EshĂș.


  • Of the 4 obbinu 1 fall face up, and 3 face down. 

OggĂșn speaks saying that a great backwardness surrounds him, because someone asks for his defeat every day. Don't let pride catch you in its trap.

It indicates that the consultant begs his head with a chicken at the foot of the warriors and takes it to a place on the railway line or to the bush.


  • The 4 pieces of coconuts fall face down, all the pieces fall showing their dark part. 

The God of the Blacksmiths says that only Olofin can save the querent because death is very close to him and at every moment his life is in danger.

He says don't fight and watch out for firearms and knives.

He advises that he give a goat to the warriors and a rooster to him and that the head be prayed with a white dove so that Father ObbatalĂĄ saves him from death.

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