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How does Shango speak for the Oracle of the Coconut? Kabiosile Tips

Coco to Shango

Shango He is a warrior Osha, the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most popular Orishas in the santero cult.

Kabiosile, as it is also called, is a highly revered and consulted saint, like the Orisha of justice and dance, symbolizes virile strength, and in nature it manifests itself through powerful thunder, lightning and fire.

He is also an orisha who likes parties and hubbub, owner of the Batá, Wemdamientos, Ilú Batá or Bembés drums, dance and music.

Shango is the intensity of life, masculine beauty, passion and intelligence and also represents justice in all senses, under his mandate all evil is paid.

He was the one who came down to Earth when people had forgotten God's teachings and was sent with his brother Olodumare to spread the teachings of the one God.

He is consulted by the Oracle of Obi or Biagué, commonly called the oracle of the coconut, one of the most important Yoruba oracles, which although it is considered the least complex, does not cease to be sacred because it brings to earth the word, the advice and the desire of the orishas.

Shango speaks in the oracle Biague:

The oracle Biagué, Adiatoto or Obi, which is also called the Oracle of the Coconut is a sacred system that uses four pieces of coconut (obbi) for consultation. Through the fall of these, the word of the orishas can be analyzed and transmitted to men on earth.

The oracle owes its name to Biagué, the first soothsayer who used this oracular system to consult, and transmitted all his legacy and wisdom to his son Adiatoto.

How should the coconuts fall when Shango speaks?

How the Coconuts fall when Shango speaks
Sword-shaped coconuts position

The Thunder King Shango speaks in the Oracle of Biagué when the coconuts form a sword, that is, three together near the one who throws and one far away, the three near ones are the cape, the one that moves away is the extension of the sword, symbol of power of the great Orisha Shango.

It is invoked as follows:

  • ai ku baba wa.

And you are greeted through this Suyere:

  • Maferefún Shango, Olu Oso Bokiko, Abelu roso ekudo, Kasbeo.

The Orisha Shango speaks through the coconuts as follows:


  • The 4 obbinu (pieces of coconuts) fall face up

The consultant should not fear, because Shango is by his side and helps him, since he is treated and mentioned with pride.

He says not to remove the Addimú (offering) so that he can show it to obbatala so that he rewards him, that what he does is correct. Shango indicates that the head be requested with fruits.


  • Of the 4 obbinu, 3 fall face up, and 1 face down.

In this sign, Shango says that everything he is doing is fine, but he asks for a bunch of Indian banana as a gift and that he also asks for it.
put a machetico behind the door.


  • Of the 4 obbinu 2 fall face up, and 2 face down.

Shango says that he has to use his sword to defend himself from his secret enemies, to beware of false friends, who hate him because they fear him, you never know who is influencing him.

Make a candle prepared for your stomach, you have to take care of yourself and be alert.


  • Of the 4 obbinu 1 fall face up, and 3 face down. 

The Thunder King indicates to the querent that betrayal is pursuing him, that is why things go wrong, money gets out of hand and even the simplest is presented with obstacles.

Everything that happens is the fault of people of the opposite sex, in the case of men women are pushed without realizing it, in the case of women, by men who look at them. Indicates a rogation with chicken at the foot of Eleggua.


  • The 4 pieces of coconuts fall upside down, showing the dark part. 

Shango says that the consultant must look at who he walks and drinks with, that he should not eat in places where he is invited in advance because there is a danger of poison. Do not drink from open bottles and beware of all the harm they want to do to you.  

You must make a rogation with chicken at the foot of Elegguá and give addimú (offerings) of fruits to Shango.

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