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The 5 Collars of foundation within the Osha ≫ Know their meaning

Foundation Necklaces

The foundation necklaces inside the Osha there are five. These directly personify the Orishas they represent, considering themselves as their own tools.

Foundation elekes and their meaning:

The elekes A name by which they are also known, they possess the gift and benefit of African deities.

These were a direct gift from Olodumare for humans, so that in the material representation of beads and colors they would find the Yoruba saints, their benefit, protection and consolation. 

Necklace of Eleggua

The necklace of Elegguá, the Orisha, owner of all paths, is made up of red and black beads.

Necklace Eleggua It is the first one received by the initiate in Santeria, it is made up of red and black beads which alternate simultaneously.

His necklace is the first one that is received because it is necessary to have this deity before performing any task, his eleke represents the luck that the religious wishes to find.

Through its use the warrior deity is asked to maintain an open path in which to place I will, health and unfoldment.

Obatala necklace

Obatalá the owner of all heads is represented by an eleke made with white beads.

The color white is the representative tonality of Obatala, wise and older saint belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon.

Through the use of his necklace, the deity provides health, peace and patience to the devotee, goods that he will need throughout his existence to be able to overcome with faith the tests that Olodumare throws at him.

His necklace is used to calm anxiety and processes related to mental health conditions that the saint protects directly.

Yemayá necklace

The Queen of the Sea Yemayá is invoked through her necklace of blue and transparent beads.

Necklace Yemaya It is built with blue and transparent beads in order to simulate the waves of the sea, a natural element through which the saint manifests herself.

This is received in order to find spiritual unfoldment and personal growth.

His eleke protects directly against witchcraft and the evil eye, through the use of it the deity is invoked and you can talk directly with her.

Oshún Necklace:

The yellow and transparent beads reflect the mystical honey of Oshún, the most beautiful female deity of the Yoruba Pantheon.

The eleke of Oshun It is very powerful, this whose representative color is related to honey, has the ability to promote happiness and sweetness in the life of those who receive it with faith.

Through this tool, the initiate finds the luck he needs to overcome difficult moments in life with intelligence and good spirits.

Shango necklace

The red and white on Shango's necklace represent war and peace over the world.

Shango or Kawó Silé, name under which this deity is known is one of the most powerful saints of the Yoruba Pantheon, this is a great warrior and a protective Orisha.

Through the use of his necklace the osogbos are defeated, in this the devotee finds the strength he needs to defeat the war against an enemy and be victorious before any avatar that stands in his destiny.

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