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The Necklaces constitute the half seat of the Saint ≫ Uses and Benefits

Saint necklaces

The necklaces called elekes in Yoruba are an infallible amulet against sorcery, they provide the religious peace of mind and luck.

The elekes have great power so they are constituted as the half seat of the saint.

They must receive a prior consecration ritual based on their washing with omieros saints and other secret ceremonies.

After submitting them to this process, they can be placed with a religious at the hands of a responsible santero.

Benefits of receiving the necklaces

Necklaces are received for various reasons, the main one being the beginning of the devotee's bond with the Santería.

The religious seeks in these:

  • health and physical strength,
  • protection against hexes,
  • the reaffirmation of the tests that the Orishas wish to send you,
  • spiritual development,
  • advancement and personal and work prosperity and
  • the defeat of causes, enemies and difficulties, among other irés provided by Osha.

When should necklaces be worn?

The necklaces can be used by religious on a daily basis during the day and also at night in order to achieve adequate rest.

Recommended the use of elekes when going through health problems, in the same way as if the believer is under the torments of a sorcery or when going through difficult moments in his life.

Problems that may be related to lawsuits, the death of loved ones or others that could throw you emotionally unbalanced.

When DO NOT se must usar the elekes?

Is prohibited wear them during sports and during intercourse, because they are religious elements to which respect is due.  

Daily baths should not be received with the necklaces on, as humidity and water can weaken them and thus cause them to break more hastily.

The elekes They are for the exclusive use of the devotee who receives them in the consecration ceremony, since they have an astral charge that is directly and individually related to the person and the Rule of Osha.

Some Recommendations regarding the saint's necklaces  

  • The correct place where the necklaces should be worn is on the neck, they can be arranged both outside the clothing and inside.
  • While they are not being used, it is appropriate that they be stored in a place where they are not in danger of being lost or damaged.añalaugh.
  • Once a year they should be refreshed with omiero and coconut water.
  • If one of these breaks, the cause must be investigated, which may be related to the collection of a hex or its wear.

In any case, the religious performs a simple ebbó and again receives a necklace similar to the previous one at the hands of his religious representative.

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