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Why is Obatalá's color white? Its meaning in the Osha

Obatala Color

The white color represents purity and infinity, this is the signature tonality of the Orisha Obatala holy owner and protector of all heads.

Through the white color the spectrum of the other colors is physically derived, the white represents the pages of the future, the ones that are waiting to be written by their protagonists.

Why should the children of Obatala wear white?

Color of Obatalá and her children

One of the reasons why Obatalá's children should wear white is because it represents the purest roots of the Yoruba religion, it embodies nobility and justice, which has the white soul, although dressed in black.

The color white comes to the lives of the children of Obatalá to mark a before and after in them, it changes their destiny, purifying all the bad things and the osogbos that may come their way.

This tone differentiates them from the children of the other Orishas, ​​only white grants serenity, it is the color that has the gift of influencing the mind, bringing the spirit to a state of calm and containment.

What does this color represent in the Yoruba religion?

White represents the light at the end of the tunnel, salvation, hope for a better future.

For this reason, Baba indicates to his children the importance of preparing for life in order to provide support and subsistence for the family.

This tone refreshes, for this reason, when the head prayers are made, the religious are instructed to cover it with a white scarf, so that in this way Obatala takes possession of it and brings the individual all the blessings he deserves.

The purification that the white color exerts is manifested in the clothes of the Iyawo, who is nothing more than the santero initiated in the rule of Osha, who must wear white in order to purify his astral so that after twelve months and a week his life changes in a positive way and he receives all the good that he went to look inside the saint's room.

The sons of Obatala They owe respect to the color that represents their father as this is an extension of their own mantle, hence it should never be desecrated.

The Osha states that this tone has healing properties for the spirit and the body, white is a color capable of driving away evil spirits who are blinded by not resisting the light that radiates good.

Rituals and works in the name of the white father Obatalá:

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