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What is the Color of Oshún and its meanings? Magnificent and beautiful Orisha

Oshún Color

Oshún reigns the sweet waters of the world, the streams, springs and rivers, she is the Orisha who personifies love and fertility in the yoruba pantheon.

But also the devotees come to her asking for the solution of monetary problems.

For the beautiful Oshún, no color makes her as bright and glamorous as yellow.

The tone of the sun, of the most beautiful flowers, that of elegance, glamor and the shine of coins.

Oshún is the youngest of the female Orishas, ​​but she retains the title of Iyalodde or great queen and recognizes herself in the colors yellow and gold.

The yellow color is associated with:

  • The sun and energy, therefore, we associate it mostly with positive feelings, and thus we also associate it with Oshún, a beautiful Orisha who likes harmony, love and good energy.

An Oshún Story: The Shine of Beauty and Abundance

A Pataki tells that when Oshún was born he had a white dress. This was the only suit he had, as it was very poor.

But every day Oshún went to the river to wash her only white dress. And after a while she noticed that her white dress was starting to turn bright yellow.

No other Orisha had ever seen that color, so Oshún, surprised and happy, adored the color yellow.

From that day on, yellow became the primary color of the Orisha Oshún and symbolized her beauty, elegance and glamor.

The goddess of the sweet rivers came out of the poverty in which she lived helping others, with humility and love, that is how her sister Yemayá gave her many riches to reward her goodness.

Since then she has lived surrounded by gold, luxury and elegance.

Yellow and its spiritual meanings

The yellow color associated with Oshún has powerful meanings that are turned into the search for happiness, financial well-being, and inner and outer beauty.

  • Yellow is the color most similar to the Sun and represents light, heat, and power, elements that distinguish Oshún, a symbol of the ability to see, to rise above everything and to understand.
  • It also symbolizes a heroic and brave force, and courage is one of the main qualities of the Queen of Sweet Waters, Oshún.
  • Many cultures associate yellow with the fire of sacred wisdom, and many are the patakies who narrate the sagacity and intelligence of Mother Oshún.
  • The tone is also related to money and financial autonomy, something that many devotees ask of Oshún.
  • Yellow embodies the brilliance of beauty, it is said that it can externalize the hidden beauty. For this reason, Oshún loves to shine dressed in yellow and with jewels.

Meet some offerings dedicated to the beautiful Oshún:

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