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7 Candles so that this year Love and its good vibes come to our lives

Candle color to attract love

The candles, highly spiritual elements, are not only sources of illumination or decorative objects. On the contrary, they are used above all to:

  • Concentration,
  • spiritual purification and
  • communication with deities.

It is said that candles must be pure or at least natural, and experts say that preferably they should not have any special shape, although each shape also has a unique meaning depending on our need.

And it is that these simple elements help us to attract good energies in various spheres of life through their light.

Thus, we send our messages and requests to the deities, so that they listen to us and intervene on our behalf.

Did you know that depending on the color of the candle its meaning changes to attract love?

Candle colors and their meanings

Each candle has a particular frequency according to the color that we choose, although we must always keep in mind to put our faith in them and give them a clear message of what we are looking for.

If we turn them on with a clear thought, their light will illuminate our path until we achieve what we want.

It is said that we should never put out the candles with our breath, because it could interfere with their frequency and that we should leave them lit for at least 30 minutes every day until we get what we want.

Here are 7 candles that attract love and good energy in our lives:

1. Yellow candle to strengthen love relationships

Meaning of the yellow candle

Light a yellow candle It will help us attract success, and it will dispel the darkness around us. It will also allow us to think clearly and make better decisions.

The yellow candle is good to ward off sadness and toxic relationships from our life, thanks to which, we will open the door to pure and true love.

It is also said that these candles attract joy, because they bring vitality and desire to live, so they will help us overcome past events and repair a broken heart.

It is very useful to light a yellow candle to:

  • strengthen love and family harmony
  • heal energies
  • relieve depression, disappointment or sadness,
  • soften surly behaviors.

2. Green candle to express our feelings in love

The green candle and its meaning

A great candle to attract abundance and ward off bad vibes is a green candle.

These generate abundance, and, above all, help increase confidence in people, so they are excellent for those who suffer from shyness and cannot show their true thoughts or communicate their feelings.

Green candles have extraordinary potential to create an environment of security and tranquility in which we will feel comfortable with those around us and we can speak fluently about what we feel.

Green is also a color for:

  • Relieve sadness
  • Gives good vibes in the face of irritation caused by negative feelings,
  • It gives us back joy and good energy.

Green candles are also used in fertility rituals by couples who long to have a baby.

3. White candle to protect the family

White candle meaning

White is always synonymous with purity, so lighting a candle of this color will help us:

  • Attract harmony and peace to our home
  • open the doors to a pure and strong love
  • clean energies of any area or event
  • they are very good to protect pregnant women, the baby and your partner.

We must know that white candles should always be used in a positive way, for oneself and for others, because due to their extreme purity, any negative ritual that is attempted with them can turn against us.

The white candles They are widely used in magical rituals, since they are considered "neutral" candles, and they can be used on any occasion and for any sphere of our life.

White candles can also be used in rituals associated with fertility, which is one of the highest meanings of the color white and can help reinforce family ties, in the motherhood stage and in the protection of young children.

It is the candle that represents family love.

4. Blue Candle to maintain stable and lasting relationships

dark blue candle

Another great option to attract love, harmony, tranquility and calm are the blue candles, which exert a calming effect, help to heal the mind and have great religious frequencies so that our requests are heard.

Fundamentally, the light blue candles act on the emotional plane of the human being and strong feelings.

The blue candles represent:

  • friendship,
  • affection,
  • sex and
  • love.

The sky blue candle symbolizes the most sensual and sexual side and is considered a natural aphrodisiac.

Also these candles are related to harmony and a high sense of aesthetics. That is why they are used by many couples at home, to maintain a stable and passionate relationship at the same time.

The celestial blue has great power to capture good vibrations and helps us to perceive and connect with our most spiritual side.

5. Purple candle for love to come and stay with us

Meaning of the purple candle

The purple candles they repel negativity, help to avoid paranoia, to overcome any obstacle and also have a high degree of spiritual energy. They give peace of mind and the environment they give harmony.

These powerful candles can be used in various shades such as lilac, deep purple and violet and all are aimed at achieving goals.

If our request is related to love, both to ask for it to be returned to us and for it to reach us, we can use the lilac hue, which is a reflection of pure and true love.

6. Red candle to attract true love and to be loved

Meaning of the red candle

Red candles They are used par excellence, for all kinds of ceremonies and rituals related to love.

But red is also the color of the heart, of the life-giving organ.

Red candles can also help us in spiritual cleansing, because that hue attracts positive energy and repels negativity.

Red is also the color of success and triumph, and the red candles can fill us with strength and courage to carry out our plans.

Lighting red candles at home will also allow us to strengthen our love relationship and can even influence sexual attraction.

This spiritual element is used a lot in honeymoons because it enhances:

  • the feelings of love,
  • of strength and
  • of unbridled passion,

7. Pink candle, the light that helps us forgive and reconcile

Meaning of the pink candle

The colour pink it has always been linked to romanticism, naivety and innocent and pure love.

And the spirituality of a candle of this shade enhances these qualities, which people may have a hard time displaying.

Pink candles refer to:

  • The most sincere love,
  • the romanticism,
  • divine qualities such as sweetness, serenity and affection
  • the color of compassion and love.

It is the candle that symbolizes love between friends or between a mother and her child. They can also help us forgive and overcome disappointments.

The color pink is said to have a higher vibration than red because it has been mixed with white.

If what you want is to activate love, light the candle of the color you want according to its meaning and that all good things come to your side.

Other powerful ways to attract love:

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