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With what candle do we pray to Eleguá, Lord of the Roads and Happiness?

Candle color for Eleguá

Eleguá is our first protection.

He is the Orisha highly revered and respected by the practitioners of the Yoruba religion, as he opens the ways to continue in the religion and is the owner of the paths of life and the destiny of people.

The uninitiated must receive it or consecrate it as first.

He is the absolute owner of the roads and is in charge of opening or closing the astral for the happiness or unhappiness of human beings.

Eleguá guides us until we reach our destination and can help us to obtain happiness, luck and prosperity.

It is also one of the warrior Orishas and owners of the mountain, protectors of those who start the spiritual path.

Oggún, Osún and Oshosi, also belong to the Orishas Warriors and walk alongside Eleguá.

How do we ask the Protector for help and requests Elegua?

We invoke Eleguá fundamentally when we find ourselves in unfavorable situations and we need him to guide us to happiness, luck, health, love and prosperity.

We must thank him every day, it is also very important to make him feel venerated.

Let us remember that we can pray to him anywhere, whether in nature or at home, preferably on Mondays, which is his day, and behind the main door of the house, which is where he habita, or in a corner or nook.

If we wish, we can also place an altar in his honor in a quiet, clean and peaceful part of our home.

Some offerings that Eleguá loves:

The red and black colors are representative of the deity, on his altar we can place his symbols and attributes of power such as:

  • The guava squiggle,
  • coins,
  • treats and
  • toys.

We can also put flowers and candles on it and dedicate offerings of sweets, fruits, and candies with great faith and devotion so that the orisha feels happy and gives us his blessing.

  • When we serve you, we light a cigarette and give you your attention. At the end of the article we leave some offerings to the orisha.

Candle color for Eleguá: Light and prayers

So what color is the Eleguá candle?

To pray to Eleguá we must light a white candle in front of a representation of the Orisha, although the red candles and the candles mixed with black and red tones also represent it.

  • If you have not received Eleguá or do not have any representation, do not worry, just put the power of the Orisha in your thoughts and he will listen to you.

But if we do not have those colors, we can light a wick or homemade lamp, which are also symbols of worship and prayer.

The light of these elements will guide us in our spiritual communication with the saint, who must always be enlightened, so that he may bless us and help us.

Powerful prayer to light a candle to Eleguá and beg to open roads

The prayer to the Owner of the Roads must be overflowing with trust and faith, so that Eleguá hears us and blesses us.

Always remember, we speak to Eleguá like a father and ask him to guide us towards success, love, health or abundance.

How to light a candle to Eleguá?

  1. Choose a quiet place or where you worship Eleguá.
  2. Light the candle before prayer and leave it lit for as long as you like.
  3. You can also put a cotton wick if you do not have a candle, the important thing is to give it light.
  4. Every day as I ask, do so in faith and light the candle for a while.
  5. We can dedicate the following prayer or another with you you want, even to say thank you and ask in your own words.

Eleguá, My father, Lord of the Way and Destiny, today I am before you to ask you to help me on the way to obtain success and to alleviate all difficulties.

Choose my guide, I ask you to chase from me all bad influences, curses or bad vibes

Almighty Eleguá, you who have the keys that open the doors of all good things, pour out on me the blessings that only you can fulfill.

I beg my Prince, that you draw a good path for me and eliminate the dangerous paths that cross before me

It also allows me and everything I represent to be illuminated by the infinite vibrations of the universe.

Eleggua, I implore your blessing for my relatives and dearest people

Let them see their paths free from anything that wants to undermine their integrity. Ashé

Meet some powerful offerings to deliver to little Eleguá:

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