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What color of candle do we dedicate to Obatalá? Light and purity in our prayers

Candle color for Obatalá

Obatalá, is known as Father Orisha, it is believed that he has a direct relationship with the supreme god, Olodumare, and that he can intercede with him for the destiny and happiness of all those who habitan the Earth.

The deity of Obatala, is considered one of the seven most important gods of the pantheon of the Yoruba religion known as the Seven African Powers, and the one who was given the mission of creating the world and sculpting the human being.

He is a loving, patient and above all merciful God, which is why many raise multiple prayers and prayers on his behalf to intercede in various matters such as:

  • Love,
  • peace,
  • the tranquility,
  • the protection,
  • health and many others.

How to invoke the old Orisha with prayers Obatala?

Obatalá syncretizes with a representation of the Catholic religion, the Virgen de las Mercedes.

Both cults are fundamentally united in requests for justice, equality and freedom.

Some tips to worship him:

  1. Obbatalá is usually linked to nature and the mountains.añas, which is why many come to pray to these havens of peace and purity.
  2. There a spiritual bond with this deity is established and requests are made to him for favors, help and protection, among others.
  3. Of course, if you wish, an altar adorned with white symbols and silver accessories, elements that represent the purest deity, is also dedicated to Obbatalá.
  4. In this special place, we give her offerings of flowers, candles, and usually white foods, such as rice pudding, the old Orisha's favorite sweet offering. At the end of the article we share some of their beautiful offerings.
  5. Then we pray to him with the best possible disposition, with faith and devotion, so that our prayers can better reach the ears of this orisha, and that all his requests and wishes are granted.

White candles and prayers for Obbatalá to bring us peace of mind

For all that Father Orisha represents, the candle color for Obatalá has white, however, you can also place a wick or candles with soft or light tones, the most important thing is to light it with love.

Through the prayer to Obbatalá, we receive harmony and calm, which lead us to think with intelligence and serenity, and to make good decisions.

We must take time to meditate and pray to the wise Father of the Ocha, always lighting our prayers with white candles, symbols of purity and enlightenment.

In addition, this light is also an offering of peace and tranquility to Obbatalá, who will feel our respect and devotion.

How to ask Obatalá to give us his protection? I pray to the Orisha

  • With this prayer we ask Obbatalá for a lot of tranquility and peace.

O holy Obatala !, I invoke you as the King of Kings that you are.

You who dominate the Earth, even if you have your kingdom in heaven, Holy Father than all other holy guides.

Creator of everything on Earth, of nature, of everything pure and white, and that is why peace is your symbol.

Make me able to have your wisdom, and with it understand everything that until now I do not understand.

Put in me the wise words to address others, grant me the Gift of patience and knowing how to listen to others.

Make me have a life with resignation, that I can face all the pains that afflict me.

May this prayer to Obatalá fill me with deep tranquility.

May my spirit be filled with joy just with your presence, soothe me when anger invades me, help me to straighten my path.

Teach me to understand with your infinite wisdom, all the things that I do not understand.

Serve me as a support to carry my life in peace and calm, give me your holy blessing to be able to bear everything that is coming.

Give me the strength to overcome the weight of my burdens. The tranquility that I ask of you, will be the prize that you have reserved for me.

Oh my Father, holy Obatala !, take care of every step I take in my life, cover me with your white light, and through it, give me the mental and spiritual tranquility that I so much need.

Oh my holy Obatala, my sovereign king and redeemer, I trust you faithfully. So be it

We share Offerings that we can dedicate to Father Obatalá:

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