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With what color of candle do we illuminate Ogún? Lord of Metal protect me

Candle color for Ogún

Oggún is one of the warrior Orishas who protect those who begin their path in the Yoruba religion and is considered to be the one who ensures the paths that his brother Elegguá is opening.

Represents in Santeria or the Rule of Osha, strength, work and both rough and initial strength, it is the strength that encloses the box of the human body.

He is the orisha of blacksmiths, wars, technology, surgeons, the army and the police and has a totally irascible and violent character that causes many to invoke him when facing dangers or avoiding enemies.

He is also the owner of the keys, the chains, the jails and the steel.

How does the Warrior of the Ocha Oggún protect us?

Oggún is a warrior Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, powerful and highly protective:

  • His deity protects all the entrances of houses and temples, protects from the enemy, disease and evil.
  • He is protective of his children and devotees, and supports the military, soldiers, workers, farmers, surgeons and all those professions that work with metal.
  • It is said that when invoked it can provide protection against accidents and assist in jobs where support is needed.

He is considered a cunning, strong, courageous and protective deity. It represents not only the warrior, but the gatherer, the lone hunter and the hard worker.

Due to his power, Oggún is made different prayers to obtain blessings, such as to obtain love, for work and even to ward off enemies.

Prayers and light for the brave Oggún How to ask him?

We must bear in mind that to raise these prayers we must choose a quiet, clean and orderly place in the house, if possible, where an altar is located to honor it, or in nature, its natural temple.

The Oggún altar usually accumulates accessories and symbols that the god prefers, where iron is present, such as the machete, and is adorned with green and black colored fabrics, and other representative elements of the Orisha.

As attentions you are offered corojo butter, honey, smoked fish, toasted corn and liquor such as white rum and brandy.

Ogún when offerings are made to him in ceremonies, he usually eats goats, rams, roosters, chickens, hens, slugs or land snails.

Green candles to invoke the power of the owner of the mountain

Let us remember that when praying to him it is good to light candles, which can be green in representation of his roles as warrior and owner of the mountain, but they can also be white, which is the tone par excellence when raising prayers.

The light of these candles will help us to establish spiritual communication with the Orisha and will illuminate our prayers. 

Tips for asking for your protection

  • We went to Oggún to pray with faith and trust, leaving no room for doubt. Thus, God will listen to us and point out the best way forward.
  • We must show you that we are willing to do our best to deserve your help and support, and that we will work hard to move forward.

Powerful prayer to Oggún to open paths and beg for his protection

We can also dedicate the following prayer to the Lord of Metals

Oggún! Owner of Metals, Mighty Warrior and My Father

You who protect with immense fervor all your children and devotees and do not allow dangers or misfortunes to hinder their steps

My father, king of iron, tireless worker, you who have the power to defend the justice of the world

I ask for your guidance and blessing and, above all, your immense protection to face the obstacles on my way.

Oggún, protect me and cover me from all those who wish me harm

Keep misfortune away from my house, that nothing bad can come to me

Allow me Oggún, overcome the adversities of life and end injustices

Give me strength and courage to move forward and protect my family

Hear, Lord of Metals, to your devoted son

I promise to always show myself worthy of your blessings

So be it

Some of the offerings that you can offer to the Orisha Oggún:

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