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Illuminating the beautiful Oshún What candle do we use when praying to the Goddess?

Candle color for Oshún

Oshún is one of the most beautiful and revered Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon and his cult is extremely present in a large number of homes.

It is she who represents spirituality, the intensity of human feelings, sensuality, elegance, femininity and love.

Oshún is the beautiful queen of clear waters and love, the protector of pregnant women.

Beautiful, smiling and cheerful, she protects her children and devotees with fervor, although she can also be severe and rigorous when she punishes disrespect.

In nature it represents rivers and is associated with money, ornaments and jewelry.

Many are those who raise requests related to love in general, the search for prosperity and economic abundance and fertility.

How to invoke and venerate Oshún, the Queen of Rivers?

Yellow candle color for Oshún

Oshun syncretizes in the Catholic religion with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of Cuba and highly recognized by all those who habitan Cuba, this little piece of Caribbean land.

The devotion of their children is usually shown in the same cult.

Some of the orisha's preferred offerings:

If we want to entertain her when we pray to Oshún, we must remember to place the offerings that she prefers, such as honey, ochinchín, sweets and cinnamon, without forgetting her 5 sunflowers, her favorite flower.

We can take these offerings to their natural temple, the river, or we can also place them on an altar destined for the veneration of the deity.

Oshún's altar should be adorned with yellow fabrics, her favorite color, and striking elements in shades of copper, alluding to the ornaments that she adores.

What color of candle does Oshún light?

The color that Oshún likes and represents in the Santeria o Rule of Osha is yellow, that is why the colors of candles that are usually used when praying to him are yellow, gold or amber tones.

Also if you want you can have an image of this Orisha and each mañana before starting our daily routine, light a candle to ask for their blessings.

However, the color of the candle for Oshún ceases to be important when the light of it is lit with faith and heart.

Oshún likes to receive samples of love and faith from his children and devotees.

If we come to her with respect and sincerity, she will do everything possible to help us and point us to the best way forward.

Prayer to Oshún to beg for love and for protection

To pray to her, let us remember to locate ourselves in a quiet corner and near its sweet waters where we can talk with the Orisha about our joys and sorrows, as if it were our own mother.

In addition, we can dedicate the following prayer to the Lady of the River:

Lady, Mother and Beautiful Woman, Oshún gold is your ray of light just like the gold that belongs to you.

With your Orisha crystal purity of fresh water do not let any mist cloud my deepest desire for true, safe, eternal and lasting love.

You who are present in the Cascades extinguish all feelings if I suffer that no tears are shed for what I love.

You are sweet, protective soft and pretty feminine and seductive.

Oshún Oh, mother! Give me your pain, give me your strength, give me alchemy like the sublime nectar, to walk happily on my way.

So be it.

Know some offerings that can be given to the goddess Oshún:

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