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What candle to use when invoking Shango in your prayers? King of strength and passion

Candle color for Shango

Shango is an extremely powerful Orisha, to which the Cubans call in moments of danger, asking for their strength, their support and their immense protection.

He is an African warrior, the God of thunder and lightning. It represents justice, dance, virility and the eternal joy of living life.

Shango is a warrior and leader within the Yoruba religion, revered in the Santeria or Rule of Osha. He is identified with drums, music and dance. He is charming, passionate and very intelligent.

We called Shangó to ask for help in various aspects, including:

  • The love and the passion,
  • prosperity and fortune,
  • protection against enemies and
  • health, luck and open roads.

But above all, you are asked to do justice when we suffer abuse.

The Orisha will always respond to the calls of his children and devotees, as he is a warrior and highly protective Orisha.

Offerings, candles and prayers to the Yoruba Warrior of Thunder

Red candle for Shango
Red candle to invoke and venerate Shango

To pray to Shango and ask for his help Faced with any problem, we must remember to offer them those foods and offerings that they like so much, such as:

  • Green bananas and red apples
  • the mamey fruit,
  • corn flour, and the fruit of okra (okra)
  • dark drinks like red wine
  • flowers, red roses, candles, prayers, and songs

We can place these offerings at the foot of a ceiba or a royal palm, since these sacred trees are the refuge of the Orisha, from whose branches the world watches.

But we can also put them on an altar dedicated to the deity that can be adorned with red and white fabrics, representative colors of Shango and elements such as drums, axes, etc.

Candle color for Shangó "The White and Red represent it"

The Yoruba warrior symbolizes the color red, a tone that represents love, passion, and blood, which is also courage and courage in the battles of life.

For this reason, to venerate him we can light a red candle and a white candle, which are the representative tones of the Orisha.

However, remember that the candle color for Shango represents him, but does not define our love for him.

The most important thing is to ask him from the heart and with faith, if you do not have a candle of this color, you can put a homemade wick on it, or dedicate any other light, no matter how simple, the great Kawosile will accept it.

Some tips before invoking Shango:

  • We must pray to him, showing him our eagerness to get ahead and that we are willing to strive for success.
  • We pray to Shango fundamentally when we face problems of dangers and injustices, so that the King of Thunder helps us and gives us his strength.
  • Let us remember that we must pray to him in a quiet and lonely place and to give greater strength to our request.

We must always go to Shango from sincerity and courage, because the warrior will never help the cowards, unjust and dishonest.

Only in this way, Shangó will offer us his protection and help us make the best decisions to walk safely along the path of life.

Prayer to Chango to get ahead and beg your protection

With the combined light of these candles we will enhance our requests so that Shango see us and come to our aid.

  • This is how we must pray to the God of Thunder

My Lord, you who are the God of lightning and thunder,

Shango, great brave and energetic warrior, full of keen knowledge, possessor of a strident and vigorous energy that holds justice, fortune, passion, today I ask you:

Protect me and protect me from the deceptions and envies of my enemies, I remain hidden so that no harm is caused to me, and in material and bodily patrimonies, provide me with health, give me peace and well-being. So be it

We share some rituals on behalf of the great Shango:

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