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What candle do you light when invoking Yemayá? Prayers to our Mother Orisha

Candle color for Yemayá

Yemayá, is the goddess of seas, one of the most powerful Orishas of the yoruba cult and one of the most acclaimed among the Cuban and Latino population.

It represents the power of the waters, and is the universal mother, the mother of all Orishas and humans.

It is said that we are all their children, because we are in the womb of our mothers and then we are born and live with the blood that runs through our body that is made up of water, salts and proteins.

Yemayá takes care of her children as any mother would, with ferocity, tenderness and a lot of love. She is a fair and patient orisha, also conciliatory and courageous.

How does reject the Lady of the Seas Yemaya?

Yemayá syncretizes in Catholicism with the Virgin of Regla in Cuba, and her day of celebration is September XNUMX.

In Cuba it is customary to unite both cults at the time of offering faith and devotion to the deities, because as a result of syncretism, their devotees love them in the same faith.

The mother of the ocean is asked to:

  • Seek help and comfort in the face of dissimilar life situations such as love, health, prosperity and fertility.
  • Ask for his immense protection when we feel danger and sadness near.

We must remember to pray to Yemayá with great faith, and like a mother, tell her everything that ails us.

We come to her with sincere intentions and we speak to her in order that she understands and helps us, pointing us in the right direction and lending us her strength to move forward.

Offerings and tokens of faith dedicated to the Orisha

In general, Yemayá is offered by praying to her, from objects to elaborated foods, and a great variety of fruits and flowers.

They are usually placed on altars in honor of the deity, which are made with fabrics of different shades of blue and are adorned with elements such as snails, fishing nets, boats, rudders, blue and white decorated elements and flowers such as white roses, which They are Yemayá's favorites.

The goddess is also worshiped and prayed in the place we want, even if we do not have an altar, whether at home, in nature, in its seas or rivers.

  • At the end of the article we leave some of the offerings dedicated to the orisha.

The Color of the Candle for Yemayá: The blue of the sea represents it

Usually the altars are also adorned with blue candles that represent the color of the waters and are lit when the Orisha is venerated.

However, we must know that when praying to him, a white candle is usually lit, a tone widely used for any type of prayer that rises.

But regardless of the color that we can offer, the light of the candle will illuminate our prayers and will give us purity and peace to communicate with the Orisha.

So we can pray to Yemayá to listen to us and give us protection

Mother Yemayá, you who exist as the patron saint of the ocean,

You who offer your fervent protection

And you guard equally all the people of the earth,

Help me and eternally protect my body and sense.

Sanitize me with your salty tributaries of seas and oceans,

Radiate in relationship within our spirits, so that we can eternally recognize you with devotion, because you proceed nobility and have a formidable native power,

May your crowds eternally welcome us and your protection transcend us,

I strongly ask you, Orisha Yemayá, to help me, give me the courage to endure everything,

On the road that destiny has reserved for us,

Oh greetings, my spiritual guide Yemayá, pride of the sea, idolized by me.

When you invoke Yemayá you can place offerings:

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