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What is the Color of Yemayá? The spiritual meaning of Blue

Yemayá color

The color of Yemayá, Queen of the waters and Mother of the world in the Yoruba pantheon, is the blue of the waves.

That blue that we can only contemplate when the immense sea reflects the sky, the blue of desires, of dreams to be fulfilled, of the paths and goals set, of beauty and maternal love.

History of Yemayá in relation to the blue waters of the world

They say that at the beginning of the world everything was engulfed in flames, fire had spread everywhere and animals and men were equally devastated for their voracity.

But Yemayá, one of the most powerful Orishas decided to put an end to the fire and stretched out how long it was on Earth. It is said that rivers, lakes, springs and seas came out of it.

When the fire got small, he locked it up in a mountain.aña in the deep, where it still roars to escape.

This is how Yemayá's relationship with water was born (Yeyé: Mother, Omo: son, She: fish), that is why she is considered the queen of waters and life, it is also related to love, fertility.

And blue, that color that predominates in the waters, is the one that represents the natural forces of Yemayá.

What does the color represent Blue? Spirituality and purity

Blue is a color that favors the balance of energies, communication and understanding of life and the attitudes of others.

It is said to be the most spiritual color in the entire spectrum of the rainbow, as it symbolizes peace and tranquility, relaxation and harmony.

And we cannot help but relate this tone to the qualities of the queen Orisha Yemayá, the one who raises:

  • The truth,
  • the optimism,
  • wisdom and
  • comprehension.

Yemayá, the one who laughs and radiates harmony and watches over the happiness and joy of her children.

Blue is also the tone of inspiration, fidelity, calm, hope, dedication, intuition, love for all creation, piety and justice.

Meaning of the blue represented by mother Yemayá

The blue tone that distinguishes the forces and powers of Yemayá is a highly spiritual tone that also symbolizes:

  • Maternal love. There is no purer love than that of a mother and her children, like that of Yemayá towards her children and devotees.
  • Health. The Queen of the Seas also watches over the health of her followers and carries away the evils of the world with her Waters.
  • General well-being. Yemayá is one of the Orishas that likes harmony and understanding.
  • Honesty. Yemayá can be an understanding and cheerful mother, but she does not tolerate lies or deception.
  • Full inclusion. That color symbolizes anything beyond our perception, be it the ocean or the sky. That is why it is associated with Yemayá in relation to its natural powers and its dominion over the seas.

We share some very nice offerings that you can dedicate to Yemayá:

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