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What special meaning do the Candles and their Colors hold? ≫ Get to know it

Candle colors and their meanings

The candles They are mystical ritual elements, they have various virtues, among which are their ability to offer light and heat, two vital elements for the performance of human activities on a daily basis.

From a religious point of view, it is believed that the light that comes from the candles is the beacon that serves as a guide for the souls who make their pilgrimages to the kingdom of heaven.

These not only illuminate the path of the deceased, but also provide them with the energy necessary for their spirit to strengthen and achieve the long-awaited eternal glory.

Las Velas, their meanings and colors

Candles are mystical instruments that have been used in rituals since ancient times, it is believed that depending on the color they have, the benefits and properties that they will develop in the ritual in which their presence is invoked will be.

These esoteric tools are made in the same way with oils and aromatic essences, which contribute their grain of spirituality to the ceremony that is carried out.

The Blue Sails are the embodiment of heavenly space.

Meaning of the blue candle

The blue sails They represent the heavenly space and its miraculous greatness, it is common to think the same way through the blue color in the ocean, an immense source of life.

This tone represents the fluidity with which water runs, a phenomenon that advocates the path of energy, which, like water, does not stagnate and is in constant movement and change.

These candles are ideal for times when meditation is required, especially when you want to connect with the inner self to embrace the memories and let them go to the immensity of the sky, freeing the mind of the emotional charges of the past.

The color red and the flame of passion.

Meaning of the red candle

Red candles They are tools of great power, they are closely linked to love and all the powerful feelings that are experienced as a result of this event.

Red represents life, warmth and the strength needed to undertake new projects which will always come with them.añatwo of passionate desires and illusions.

The white wax is related to the divine light.

Meaning of the white candle

The candle made of white wax represents innocence and purity.

This personifies the divine light that guides the steps of the noble souls who have destined their eternal rest to do good and contribute in one way or another to spread good deeds throughout the world. 

White candles are ideal when you want to purify a room of negative energies, which flee blinded by the bright light of justice and mercy.

The search for hope through the green candles.

Meaning of the green candle

Green candles they are related to hope, a virtue that should never be lost even when difficult moments to overcome are looming.

This in turn represents health and renewal, which is associated with plants that embody the four seasons of the year and despite this they always bloom again.

The yellow candles represent fortune.

Meaning of the yellow candle

The yellow candles they embody the color of the sun, a powerful star that keeps our blue planet alive.

These are related to fortune by identifying to some degree with gold, a precious metal of great value.

The yellow candles are used in rituals where you want to obtain financial development, being able to attract money and prosperity.

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