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the colors of Oyá in Santeria: Brown and its spiritual meaning

Colors of Oyá Santería

Oyá in the Yoruba pantheon she is a warrior Orisha and impetuous, brave, accurate, passionate and very powerful female leader.

It is the owner in nature of the Centella, of the strong winds, of the waterspout, of the whirlpool.

In the Santería or Rule of Osha-Ifá, there is a Pataki that Oyá She is the mother of nine spirits and therefore watches over the entrance to the cemetery and accompaniesaña the dead to their fate.

Oyá, the brown and the nine colors of her skirt

Due to her close relationship with death, this goddess wears dark and brown colors, but never black. And it is that Oyá symbolizes the end of a stage.

But she also represents the new beginning, as she is in charge of sustaining life on Earth. Without Oyá we would not have air to breathe, its energy provides us with oxygen.

Therefore Oyá It has brown tones associated with the end, with those leaves that wither and fall.

She also wears a nine-colored skirt that symbolizes the new stages of life, the spring that will return bringing life.

  • The colors of Oyá yansa In Santeria, in addition to brown, there are red wine and rainbow tones, the same phenomenon that nature symbolizes.

Spiritual meaning of the color brown

On a cultural level, the meanings of brown are related to the color of autumn and withering, which is in turn the end of spring, but the beginning of winter.

That is why it is a color associated with the powers of Oyá about life and death, the beginning and the end.

Other meanings of that tone associated with the Orisha are:

  • It is linked to the renunciation of material goods, in fact, it is used by many orders of monks and priests.
  • It represents the sacrifice for those who love each other.
  • In many cultures it is related to mourning and death, elements also associated with the powers of Oyá.
  • The life that springs from the womb, but with a more serene and reassuring connotation. The beginning of existence.
  • It also symbolizes the awaiting of a new harvest season after the harsh winter in which nothing could grow in the fields.
  • Brown is a symbol of the earth, that which welcomes us at the end of our life.

We share some powerful rituals on behalf of Oyá:

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