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What are the Spiritual Commissions? Know their types and meanings

Spiritual Commissions

The worship of our ancestors is very important and of significant value in religion. No one lacks ancestors in both blood and spirit.

Without the protection of the spirits we do not advance and we find ourselves unprotected, when we interact with them they help us to heal and orient ourselves in life.

In spiritism the deceased are revered, the spirits represent the spiritual cord of guides and protectors of each person, which we acquire from birth.

This spiritual cord will increase as we grow and depending on the circumstances that we find ourselves throughout life and the knowledge that we reach.

Many ask about spiritual commissions and their meaning, so ...

What is the meaning of the Spiritual Commissions?

The spiritual commissions are nothing more than a group of close spirits, relatives or other beings that we do not know but that are inclined towards us by certain tendencies, whether religious, cultural, professional or by nationality.

So what does this mean?

That these spirits when they “animated meat”, that is, they were alive, they carried out different activities, whether of religion, profession, culture, even being of a different nationality from us.

Because I emphasize, not all these spirits that protect us know each other.

Types and categorization of Basic Spiritual Commissions:

Now, depending on their qualities or activities in common, they are grouped, divided and even subdivided.

Religious Commissions:

  • Commission of the Blessed Sacrament: They are spirits of great elevation and pure.
  • Divine Commission: These spirits are those that when they animated meat performed miracles and were examples in their religious life, they can be elevated and have great reach.

Examples of this are the Saints and the beatified Catholics.

  • Commission of the Celestial Court: These are usually the Angels, Archangels and the beautiful Catholic cherubs.
  • Auxiliary Saints Commission: These are the messengers of All Saints.
  • Commission of Nuns and Monks: They are the spirits of the Orders of the Catholic religion.
  • Hebrew Commission: In his life these spirits practiced the religion of Judaism.
  • Hindu Commission: In his life these spirits practiced Hinduism.
  • Commission of the Seven African Powers: These spirits were Africans with African beliefs.

Cultural Commissions:

  • Gypsy Commission: These spirits are usually of gypsy and gypsy race or they may also have been linked to the Spanish culture.
  • Indian Commission: These spirits are the indigenous of all the tribes of the earth.
  • African Collection Commission: These spirits have a lot of strength and a lot of power to collect negative and demonic spirits.
  • Snow Commission: They are usually spirits that have lived in very cold Nordic regions and come to help us and clarify certain episodes.

Special Commissions

  • Family Commission: Our descendant spirits can also be close friends or acquaintances that in some way or another we saw them throughout our existence.
  • Triangle Commission: These spirits help us control ourselves and offer us great spiritual strength at certain times.
  • Santa Clara Commission: These spirits help us to clarify and overcome difficulties.
  • Relief Commission: These spirits help us and help us when we are in danger and we have obstacles in the middle.
  • Control Commission: Spirits that can help us control negative actions.
  • Marine Commission: These spirits are those who have worked directly in the sea.
  • Thought Commission: Spirits that are positive and clarify our thoughts.
  • Justice Commission: They are spirits in charge of doing justice in times of trouble and difficulty.

Professional Commissions:

  • Medical Commission: These spirits practiced medicine as nurses, doctors, but they were also healers, healers.
  • Scientific Commission: These spirits were researchers in all fields.
  • Egyptian, Greek and Chinese Commission: Spirits that lived in those lands and were politicians, lawyers, engineers, accountants, artists and many more professions.
  • Arab Commission: Arab spirits who exercised in the field of politics, religiosity, culture, many were also great merchants dedicated to buying and selling fabrics and jewelry for example.

These commissions can also be subdivided into many more, the spiritual world is infinite and still hidden from many.

That is why many times they may ask you how you usually have an Indian in your spiritual picture and perhaps you are Spanish or of another nationality isolated from these beings, you do not necessarily have to be part of their descent or be born in an American country to have them as guides and protectors spiritual.

The spirits that accompany usañan we can meet them through a spiritual mass, portal that gives us the opportunity to get to know our spiritual picture. About the masses I have written a very interesting article, you can see it by doing CLICK HERE

I wish for you that the light of the guides and protectors always accompany you and remember that only by attending to them will they help you to break through and clear your mind.

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