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How to accept reality and live in peace? 5 Tips

How to accept reality

The dissatisfaction and the bad energies that the fear of failure and envy of the achievements of others give off, will make our spiritual path extremely complicated. Thus, we will not be able to enjoy a full existence savoring the little things that life gives us.

When nothing satisfies us and we are only happy if we achieve certain goals, we run the risk of spending our lives waiting for a future that will never come.

Those who can only be happy when their situation changes for the better will not enjoy the little things in life that the Orishas and God give us every day. And it is that any gesture, no matter how small, a help, an advice, a support, is a joy to live.

Accepting reality and the small gestures of the daily we will feel better about ourselves to continue traveling the path of life that is full of many difficulties, which we must overcome little by little without ceasing to be happy.

Tips for having faith in life

We now share some tips to accept reality and achieve peace, but above all, do not lose faith, have confidence in yourself and everything that protects you, your protective spirits, your Orishas and God:

1. Set real expectations for ourselves

Frustration usually depends on our expectations, if we set very high expectations and they are not met, we will feel frustrated all the time, mired in complaints and bitterness.

We must therefore set real expectations for ourselves and that will help us to live with more serenity.

When we ask our deities for the desires we yearn for and relief for our concerns, let us be consistent with our reality, be consistent, do not ask for things for which you are not working on getting them. The Saints and Orishas will help you when you are on the road.

2. Let's look for solutions

Life is not made up of eternal complaints. The only thing we achieve by complaining is sinking more and more into despair and bitterness.

Let us then seek solutions to the problems that afflict us and make a plan of action to improve the situation we face.

There is no use sitting and waiting, sinking into great sadness and feeling unhappy, work for what you want, ask the Orishas for strength and faith to move forward and you will see how at the end of the road you will be rewarded.

3. We will not hold onto harmful thoughts

We cannot always change life situations no matter how hard we try. So we must learn to let go of all those harmful thoughts and feelings that we hold onto.

Envy, competition, hypocrisy and evil are not obstacles for others, but for ourselves. When we are carriers of feelings of this type, our life does not advance, it is delayed. Be kind, generous and give love in your wake, remember that blessing comes from above

4. Give thanks to life, to God and to the Orishas

Gratitude for any gesture, no matter how small, makes us better people. That way, we will feel better about ourselves and we will be happier because we will recognize that we are loved.

Instead of focusing on what we lack, we should be grateful for what we have, all the valuable things that are in our life.

How many blessings do we have to thank God for? Sometimes we worry so much about our financial situation and love problems that we forget that talking, smelling, walking, hearing are gigantic blessings. All these gifts are wonderful, appreciate them, thank God, life and the Orishas for possessing them.

5. Let's change the way we see life

Let us assume positive roles in life, we must not sink into self-pity and see ourselves as victims.

If we can change our mentality and take time to meditate with faith, we could eliminate great worries from our minds. Let's look at reality from a more positive and developing perspective and rely on spiritual support when we go through difficult situations.

"Accept your reality, the one you had to live", have faith, trust your Orishas every day, they have a wonderful plan for you, allow things to flow, grow spiritually and you will see how your life will be incredibly wonderful from acceptance.

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