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How to ward off bad energies?

Drive away bad energies

We are beings of energy, sometimes we attract light energy, very positive and that is good for our lives, and other times, dark or negative vibes that hinder our path and añagive a feeling of heaviness to our body and spirit, and we must yes or yes remove those bad energies from our life.

Many times they ask me:

How do we know we have bad energy?

Drive away evil spirits

Well, if you feel bad about everything and everything you do a great sea of ​​problems, if things go wrong, no matter how easy they are, if you drop everything, if you stumble a lot, if you go out and repeatedly return home because you forgot something, then think that nothing happens just because.

The first advice is to relax, even if it costs us, to be alert and not to curse anything or anyone.

Envy: Root of infinite evils.

In other people's fields, the harvest is always more abundant.

Unfortunately, as this phrase says, even if we have nothing, others will always be envious of how much or little we have, sometimes they will feel unhappy about our spiritual wealth, and they will even dislike our happiness or attitude towards life.

And I refer to the power of envy because another recurring question is:

  • But if I don't go out a lot, or if I'm a good person, if I don't have enemies:

What are they going to envy me if I have nothing?

They envy us all, because it is a common feeling in human beings and although it is invisible it is so powerful that it can collapse and do a lot of damage.

Also, you can pick up a bad vibe when turning a corner, when sitting in a park or anywhere you go, if the dark energies stay by your side, then you are "dustpan", you are like an absorbent sponge that everything sticks to you.

When people consult doubt:

Why don't I recognize the spirit that you see by my side?

Our spiritual picture is very broad and spirits do not usually show themselves always, they have the gift of manifesting themselves in two ways so that another person does not recognize it.

It can also happen that that dead person is not yours and it stuck or stayed next to you, these can be evil spirits or light.

We are religious and when we attend to our spiritual picture and we sit down to pray because they decide to go with you so that you can also give them light, the problem is that sometimes these spirits are good and others are bad.

I hope that yours always protect and protect you and show you the way of truth and not of lies.

How to remove bad energies from my life?

Negative energies affect your emotions, they leave you without strength, it is necessary to defend and protect ourselves, to work within ourselves to achieve a good connection with our environment.

For this you can take baths, do spiritual works, sit in its vault to give light to the spirits that protect us, always with faith and a lot of love.

Some of these works will help you to achieve it:

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