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Tips to honor Eggún How to attend them correctly?

How to serve Eggun

With the term eggun the dead person is identified within the Yoruba Pantheon. Through this the ancestors and the guiding and protective spirits that each human being possesses in a particular way are represented.

The kingdom of souls is very powerful, they represent the energy that is everywhere. The role of Eggún within the religion is extremely important, without his consent no mystical ceremony can be performed.

eggun He is in charge of the protection of the devotee of the Osha so he is very jealous about the person he represents.

This spiritual matter is asked for the blessing every day upon waking up in order to obtain its blessing to start a good day.

It is represented by a tile To which services are offered, with the in-depth study of religion and the realization of research masses, the cord spirits are made known, which are attended next to the tile while they are represented individually.

To take into account to provide a good service to Eggún

eggun must be attended to dailyFor this, a specific place in the house is designated, generally a corner that is not very visible is chosen, in order to give privacy to the spirits.

Offerings dedicated to the ancestors:

These are served by flowers, tobacco and food. It is essential that attendees have a glass of water, because it is through this precious liquid that the spirit can manifest itself.

the religious open the service with a candle, when placing it before the tile, the spirits familiar and related to him must be mentioned.

Then place a cup of coffee, a glass containing water with sugar, a gourd with brandy, rum or other liquors, bread, flowers, tobacco, cigarettes, a sweet, a glass of milk and a sample of other foods that the deceased relatives liked in life.

The dead can be placed:

  • Jams, incense, fresh fruits, honey, melao, dry wine, juice, soda and food, always taking care that it is not excessively hot, since Eggún does not receive food at such high temperatures.

Animals are sacrificed to him Like the rooster, the hen and the dove, this ceremony must be performed by an Obba or an Ifá priest.

After placing all the offerings, he is drawn in front of a line with nine straight lines that cut it perpendicularly, as this is one of the ways of representing the dead and in this way the service is closed.

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