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How to attend, invoke and ask Eleguá on Mondays? Attentions to the Orisha

How to attend Eleguá on Mondays

Eleggua He is the Orisha total owner of the roads and luck, he closes and opens the astrality of each one of us so that happiness or misery comes to our lives.

He is counted on for every ceremony and to give knowledge of what is going to be carried out, he is the first in the sacred rituals of the Osha.

Elegguá is small but great, it is always present in our lives and walks by our side. He is the gatekeeper of savannas, crossroads, four corners, of the mountain, tireless watchman of the paths of life, protector of the destiny of men.

He is a spoiled but quarrelsome child, an entangling, mocking child, he does evil things, he makes fun of everyone, when he does not want to work he accommodates himself, but he always frees his children and those who follow him from going down paths that are harmful.

How to attend my Elegguá on Mondays?

Elegguá in the house, he lives behind the door, from there he defines two worlds, the interior and the exterior, the peace of home and how dangerous he lives outside.

Mondays are Elegguá day and you are treated with great respect:

  • He runs his hand with epo (corojo butter) gently, talking to him.
  • Toasted corn (aguadó), smoked jutia (ekún), smoked fish (ellá), corojo butter (epo) and a candle (atana) are added.
  • You also light a tobacco (hasha), you take a few puffs towards Elegguá and you blow brandy (otí), the tobacco is left by its side.
  • Tapping the ground three times with his right hand in front of him, Elegguá immediately hears. He is always ready to help when invoked and acclaimed.

What offering is made to Eleguá?

If you go through difficult situations and do not know how to be victorious, consult and work with the Elegguá, to offer offerings we must know what the Orisha likes, you can entertain him with sweets and sweets, coquitos, toys and guava fruit.

If you put offerings to Elegguá, whatever it is, you must say them out loud because he likes to listen to his children and devotees. But if you have nothing to wear to him, he will also attend you, because he is a kind orisha child.

Ah! If you have not yet received Elegguá, you can also go to him, invoke him, talk and ask him to intercede in your help.

You can invoke him with the following prayer, while you pray, do it with great faith and love for the little prince. CLICK HERE to read it.

Where does Eleguá live? Where do you find it?

Eleguá lives everywhere, in nature, in your heart, next to you at all times, but I suggest you go to the mountain, next to a manigua (small hill) that is where he lives, and give him your sorrows, but also tell him If you had joys, tell him the cause of your distress, and above all, thank him.

At home behind the front door will be Elegguá, you look for a candle, light it and you will stay by his side, he will listen to you, open your heart and have faith.

You can also take him out for a walk and especially in parks he will feel happy.

What is asked of Eleguá?

Elegguá is asked for healthMay it open its paths for you to find peace, development, evolution, good luck, abundance, intelligence, wisdom, firmness in projects, may it take away everything bad and help you overcome difficulties in your life.

The little Orisha is given the complaints of whoever did us wrong, but evil is never wished on that person because they do not like him. He is a vigilante, and will always punish what is wrongly done. Ask for beautiful, good things and you will see how everything beautiful, the little giant of the Osha multiplies it every day.

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