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How to properly care for the Orisha Olokun? ≫ 3 Addimú

How to care for Olokun

Among the duties of a good religious is the attention and care of the Orishas, ​​we want to help you grow as a believer through knowledge about the attentions with which they are honored. Olokun, the Orisha of the Prussian blue color and lady of the depths so we show you below how to do it correctly.

Three offerings for Olokun:

1. Banana snakes for the guardian of the secrets found at the bottom of the sea

A very simple but very well received adimú by this saint is the elaboration of some green banana leafhoppers, to do it you only need to peel and cut this meat into thin slices and fry the wheels in plenty of hot oil until they are well browned.

Once they are at room temperature, they are served on fine china and placed on the Olokun jar, having placed the lid of the jar in reverse.

This tribute can be left for seven days, it is accompaniedaña of two white candles that are located at the feet of the deity so that it receives the tribute in a good way, to converse with Olokun the religious must kneel and beat the maraca as this is one of the ways to invoke the presence of the Saint.

2. Seven gourds with brandy and two candles at the foot of Olokun

To refresh this deity, seven gourds with brandy and two lighted blue candles are given to him.

This offering is placed at the feet of the saint in order to thank her for the health and other irés that have come into the life of the religious.

This adimú can be performed as many times as the devotee wishes, a strict period of days is not required to remove it, although the santero must take care that the jícaras are not kept in front of the deity that the content has evaporated.

3. Melao de caña for Olokun

A plate with honey on Olokun's jar to thank the Orisha for a good obtained:

Melao is considered one of the most coveted elixirs within Osha. This black gold is used in ceremonies and rituals, but also as an adimu to entertain the Orisha Olokun.

The religious places a white plate with honey on the jar of the lady of the depths to thank her for a good obtained, the believer must light two white candles to the deity if he wishes that she receive the tribute with good eyes.

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