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How to attend Orula on October 4? Offerings to the Orisha in his day

How to attend Orula in his day

Orula Iboru, Orula Iboyá, Orula Ibosheshe!, this is the greeting of the great fortune teller Orunmila.

Orula or Orunmila He is the Orisha who predicts the future and protector of all.

Always for everyone, he is ready as a guide and guide and reveals what is about to happen through the Oracle of Ifá.

A proof of the creation of the Universe is Orunmila, he is his witness, the one chosen by Oloddumare, the Supreme God, who assigned him supremacy in his words.

Who is Orula? The fortune teller and oracle of Ifá

Ide of Orula

He is an Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon who is characterized by healing and giving support, tranquility, relief and a lot of confidence in the face of life insecurities.

Orunmila is the Orisha of knowledge and wisdom, the messages that Olodumare entrusted to him he encrypted in 256 signs to reveal them to humanity, which is the word of Ifá, this word of Orunmila answers the restlessness of the religious through his Oracle .

Its name means "heaven knows who will be saved", since it is always present when the spirits choose their destiny to represent or incarnate the person on earth, knowing their beginning and end, and it gives that individual the possibility and opportunity to reform.

  • The colors that identify it they are green and yellow.
  • Your day It is October 4 in syncretism with Saint Francis of Assisi, a day on which we must always thank him.
  • Los números that represent it are 4 and 16.

The sons of Orunmila, faithful devotees, follow him and dedicate many offerings to him that day with joy because of the great love and faith they place in him.

I will leave a few offerings to the sage Orunmila, which will be used to make them on October 4 and the other days of the year that you wish to give them to him.

Prohibitions and respect that must be offered to Orunmila:

Before mentioning these offerings, it is necessary to remember that when serving you:

  • at least 48 hours before you cannot have had sexual intercourse,
  • must be completely clean and neat,
  • cannot have ingested alcoholic beverages,
  • nor have they argued,
  • women cannot have menstruation,
  • you can not be with bad character
  • always with a clean heart and free from grudges.

To keep in mind when making offerings to Orula:

  • Orunmila dislikes disrespect and does not tolerate disobedience.
  • We must always try what you offer him, since he is very distrustful.
  • Orunmila is never placed directly on the floor, it will always be on a white cloth or mat.
  • Also the candles (atanas) should go on top of a white plate.
  • Your offerings will always be in even numbers 4, 8,16, etc.

Attentions and Offerings for Orula in his day

So ... How to attend Orula in his day?

On October 4 All the godchildren must go to their godfather to greet him and ask for his blessing and must bring 2 candles, 2 coconuts and 1 white plate, if he does not have anything, nothing happens, he will always understand their situation.

If you are in another country and very far from your sponsor, you can also give it to Orula at home.

Do not forget this day to pass your hand or refresh it with honey (oñi) and corojo butter (Epo).

Among the offerings that you can offer are:

  • Gofio pellets with honey
  • Shrimp with corojo butter or cooked with sauce, or in yellow rice
  • Flores
  • Fruits preferably yellow or green
  • Pork with corojo butter or cooked in sauce, or in yellow rice.
  • Sweets like panetelas with syrup and custards
  • Yam balls with honey
  • A coconut cut in half with honey in each of its parts.

I have always had the conviction that everything that is done and offered with faith and love does not have a pattern.

You should never ask Orunmila for anything badAlways tell him about your situation, and ask with one hand on your heart and he will know about your problems and vicissitudes.

If today you have a candle and you offer it to him, split in half, he will not judge you because Orula is fair and grateful. May today and always grant you a thousand blessings. 

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