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How to attend Orula? Offerings, prohibitions and recommendations

How to attend Orula

There are different ways of serving Orula (Orunmila), but all must be guided by love, faith and humility towards our religion, and following the advice of our elders.

Remember that orula He knows everything, he is the owner of our destinies, the owner of knowledge, you can never lie to him or ask for evil, because he is very righteous and his word never falls to the ground.   

For this reason, it is said that you can give Orunmila complaints, but never ask him badly for anyone, he himself will be in charge of settling accounts with the one or those who hurt him.

What should NOT be done in front of Orula:

  • Pronouncing bad words
  • To be naked
  • Perform sexual practices
  • Have arguments or fights
  • Curse or wish evil
  • In general, nothing that disrespects this deity.

Recommendations before attending Orunmila:

All kinds of inappropriate behaviors should be avoided because they are offensive and dangerous for Orunmila, you should be very careful in this matter and follow the ethical and moral rules of the religion regarding Orula.

  • Before touching it, we must be very clean, well groomed, not have had sexual contact the day before, not be upset, or have ingested alcoholic beverages.
  • In order to take care of it, women cannot be menstruating.
  • You should lay a white mat, cloth or towel on the floor to take care of it correctly, it should never be directly on the floor.

When to attend Orula?

  • Orunmila is served preferably on Sundays.
  • You are also seen on the 16th of each month or every 21 days, although if you want to do it because it came to your mind, you can do it, it will be for something, don't you think?
  • It is also common for offerings to Orula to be made on the day of its celebration, which is October 4.

How to make offerings to Orula?

  • The offerings are presented to Orunmila on 2 white plates.
  • Offerings made to him must always be in even numbers (numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16) and one half is placed on each plate. That is, if there are 12, it would be 6 on each plate.
  • If what is offered is food, each one must be tasted in his presence to show him that he will not be harmed by what he offers.
  • Whenever he is attended to, his 2 candles should not be missing, which are placed in front or one on each side, never on the floor, always placed on white plates.

Offerings (adimu) for Orula:

Everything that he offers him with love and respect, the Saint accepts.

You can offer Orunmila:

  • gofio balls with honey,
  • flowers,
  • shrimp,
  • Locust,
  • sweet,
  • honey,
  • boiled yam balls,
  • fruits,
  • cocos

Regarding the drinks, Orunmila does not ingest any type of drink, only 2 glasses of red wine.

These offerings are left in front of Orunmila for a time not exceeding 16 days and as long as they are even days.

After the period that the offering will be left has passed, it will be taken to the river, or as indicated by its elders.

How to attend Orula being Aleyo?

This is a very recurrent question, we must remember that an Aleyus is the uninitiated believer who, although he can attend celebrations and events carried out by his godparents without having to invite him (among them the festivals and coronation dates of the crowned saints), he cannot know the secrets of consecrations, much less exercise them.

In the hierarchy of the Yoruba religion There are certain prohibitions and rules according to the functions and powers that practitioners possess, therefore, they are ethical and moral values ​​that must be met and above all respected in religion.

So, the religious in order to attend Orula must have received Orula's hand through a ceremony, thus receiving the Idde (bracelet of green and yellow beads).

Mano de Orula (idde) bracelet with green and yellow beads
Orula's Hand Bracelet

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