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How to take care of Shango? 10 Tips from a Santera to venerate the Orisha

How to care for Shango

Have we all ever wondered how to serve Shango, the King of fire, of the lightning, of the thunder, of the drum, of the dance and Orisha of the Yoruba Religion.

Shango He is a great warrior, skillful and with great virility, he is courageous and very agile, he likes parties, beautiful women, dances when the drum beats, he is very happy but when he gets angry due to lack of respect he becomes blind, speaking metaphorically, because of so much anger he does not see, nor understand, nor understand.

Therefore, it is always recommended to your children that before responding and acting, they think first so that they do not commit injustice or fall into irreparable failures that they can regret.

To take into account to attend the Great Orisha Shango:

Syncretism of Shango and Santa B谩rbara

Shang贸 is cared for with great firmness, always with confidence in what you are doing, but at the same time with faith, a lot of love and an unbreakable will.

Even when we are sad, we must do our best to talk to him, always facing him and not hiding, because he tends to get upset.

You will come to him as you perhaps come to your father, resolute, but not disrespectful.

Shango is that courageous father, all his children when they lack the courage to face a situation turn to him so that he gives them courage and can be daring on the path of life.

When an initiate is to consecrate Shango as a tutelary Orisha, he will be at least 6 days before his consecration doing countless works. Its number is 6 and its multiples.

Syncretism of Shango in Santeria

In syncretization the Orisha is associated with Santa B谩rbara Bendita.

For some this mixture of saint and orisha is sacred, while other religious do not agree.

This union, which today represents the faith and devotion of thousands, was born in the days when African slaves were forcibly brought to America.

The same people who left their customs and cultures in their lands, and fearing that their masters would mistreat them, sought the solution of syncretizing their Orishas with Catholic Saints and thus being able to celebrate their ceremonies and festivities, maintaining their faith and beliefs. Heritage that they bequeathed to us until today.

For this reason we also invoke him with prayers to the saint and in a single cult we venerate them both, related mainly for their power over storms, lightning, for their bravery and strength.

When can we attend the Orisha?

Shang贸's favorite days are Fridays and Saturdays, although you can ask for his blessing every day and when you ask for it, his children, just by pronouncing his name, must lift their heels off the floor, apoy谩standing on tiptoe out of respect.

The king of kings Shango is greeted Ka贸 Kabiesil茅, Shango Alufina!

10 Tips for giving and attending to the Warrior Shango

Sword flower of Shango
The heliconia known as Sword of Shango

I give you these simple tips for you to attend Baba Shango:

  1. Always with faith, love, strength and will you must ask for his blessing.
  2. Be concise and strong when greeting him.
  3. When placing your order you must be clear and not beat around the bush.
  4. Never ask for money, ask that development, austerity and prosperity come into your life.
  5. Never ask wrong For those who hurt or offend you, he knows everything that happens and will deal with them fairly, just give him your complaints. Better ask him for love, he is very good at offering it.
  6. Make your orders with his maraca, always kneeling on a mat, next to his 2 red or white candles.
  7. He really likes coconuts painted red and white, bananas and if they are Indian bananas much better, apples, pomegranates, mamey colorado, ca帽a of sugar, and other fruits more. As long as you can entertain him, he will welcome it.
  8. Between the sacred herbs that we can offer you are:
  • Poplar leaves,
  • good grass,
  • palm,
  • paradise,
  • red flowers called black princes,
  • the flower known in Cuba by Sword of Shango or Fire in other countries, its Scientific name is Heliconia Wagneriana Roja.
  1. It will always be well received when you offer red wine, corn flour cooked with or without okra, corn on the cob and ca帽a of sugar.
  2. Always give thanks for life, for every day, for your family, for your friends, 鈥淏eing grateful is well-born鈥.

These are some of the offerings in the thousands that are offered to Baba Shango. I always say that there is nothing absolute, some have to offer and others do not, but knowledge does not take up space. So everything that is offered with love is received with love. Blessings.

You can also perform some of the following rituals dedicated to Shango:

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