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How to cure the evil eye?

How to cure the evil eye

One of the best plants to work and eliminate the evil eye is basil, used since ancient times. Its powers to eliminate this powerful evil are unlimited, it is a fresh herb, it carries energies capable of warding off the worst of curses.

Among the functions that this plant fulfills, in addition to being rich in minerals, and having healing properties, it also contains great spiritual mysteries, with basil branches, a lot of faith, a candle and prayers, we will manage to ward off curses.

Many questions invade people's minds when they believe that they are possessors of this evil. How do I know if I have the evil eye? How to remove the evil eye from yourself? How to get it out of an adult? We will answer all these questions here.

Among the remedies to clean the evil eye today we will make a very effective one with the assistance of the powerful prayer of San Luis Beltrán, well known in Cuba and the world for being miraculous and helping the most desperate when this evil attacks.

Remedy and prayer to remove the evil eye:

As you carry out all the preparation of this work, have a lot of faith, and ask for the health and recovery of the sick person.

Ingredients you need:

Prepare the remedy:

  1. Choose a place and cover it with the white cloth, in this space you will place the ingredients to use.
  2. You will take one of the glasses, pour water on it and put a crucifix inside.
  3. You take 3 slices of the basil plant and put them inside the glass of water with the crucifix.
  4. You will pour water into the other glass and put it on the table, in addition to the white candle and the Prayer to San Luis Beltrán.
  5. Once everything is organized, you will put the patient in front of you and he must hold the lit candle in one hand and in the other the glass that contains only water.

There are people who clean the evil eye who place the glass of water and the lit candle on top of the chosen place, it depends on whether the patient can sit up or not to hold the elements.

  1. Now you will begin to recite the prayer of San Luis Beltrán, which you must know by heart because in one hand you will hold the basil segments and in the other the crucifix.

The one who crosses while praying must make the sign of the cross with the basil segment on the body of the patient, first on the forehead, then on the chest, belly, knees and feet, from top to bottom.

  1. At the end, he must pray 3 Our Fathers, 3 Creeds and 3 Hail Mary.
  2. You must leave that candle lit for San Luis Beltrán until it is consumed.

When you carry out this dispossession, you must have a lot of faith, do it with the conviction that you keep this evil from people and take into account the following recommendations:


  • Wear white and head covered by a white cap or scarf for protection.
  • It depends on the state of the patient, it must be crossed 3 times a day, then 3 candles will be needed.
  • The people who strip should have a shelter or carry basil leaves close to their body so that they do not collect the bad and after having crossed themselves they should take baths with 9 segments of basil or shake with them. 

How do I know if I have the evil eye?

Although the evil eye manifests itself in different ways depending on the strength of this evil and the person who has it, some of the symptoms it causes are the following:

  • You feel inexplicably nervous.
  • You are forgetful, you feel that you are not moving forward and that your mind is in a daze.
  • You have mindless nerves, startled as if something is upsetting you.
  • Anguish and fear do not let you sleep.
  • Things are constantly breaking for you, it gives you anxiety, you can even have high fevers, vomiting and stomach scrub.

I recommend this remedy for adults, young children are very vulnerable and home remedies made by people who do not have enough spirituality and knowledge are not recommended.

For this reason I always suggest taking the little ones in the house with this disease with someone who can do it correctly, and avoid improvisations on our part at home.

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