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8 Ways to Eliminate "Everything Bad" from the Environment and Start the Year Right

How to avoid bad vibes

Carrying out an energetic cleaning at home to restore balance and harmony, placing protective and repellent amulets of negativity and ordering and changing the furniture of place, are some elements that are recommended to eliminate bad energies and start a new year 2021 surrounded good vibes.

Many things can affect our positivity during our daily routine, such as stress, illness, anxiety, and bad news. That is why we must know how to prevent the bad vibes from clinging to us or our homes through simple tasks.

How to avoid bad vibes?

For example, we must know that there are places where we suddenly feel tired, and this can even happen when talking to someone.

It is recommended to deal with this:

  • shower or wash your hands with flowers or spiritual items or
  • something as simple as having a glass of water to avoid getting the bad vibes on us.

In addition, as we are starting the year, the beginning of a cycle is an opportunity to clean the residual energy accumulated at home in order to reactivate the new goals related to fortune, health and personal well-being.

Many cultures make their predictions for the coming years, for example, according to the Chinese calendar, the Metal Ox is the representative this year 2021 that we travel and brings an energy that we must take advantage of so that this is a great year, very different from the past 2020 how much we had to face.

Therefore, we must follow tips or recommendations so that with these cleanings we can get a good vibe.

Renewing and positively activating the energy will be the perfect way to get in tune with life and eliminate the negative vestiges of the previous year.

8 Recommendations to start the year surrounded by good vibes:

We start with these simple tips that will help our energy balance and the good vibes flow:

1. Order our house, workplace or spaces where we spend more time

Tidy up the house

To start this year in the best possible way, we must order our home and workplace and get rid of what we no longer use, do not serve or cause us discomfort so that positive energy does not stagnate and flow, allowing us to take on new opportunities for personal development .

Freeing up spaces also makes it easier to clean dirt and clutter from the house, another essential requirement to activate the positive energy of the new year and promote clean energy circulation.

2. Give light! Illuminate and decorate our home

Light up the home

The light, in addition to protecting from hostile external energies, generates a feeling of security and welcome and makes our house look cozy.

That's why you have to keep it always lit and activated with some objects such as healthy and colorful plants.

Without overloading it too much, we can also decorate with mirrors and paintings in pleasant colors, to maintain a warm atmosphere and, above all, safe and welcoming.

Likewise, to decorate we must know that each plant has a particular energy that can attract positive vibes or absorb bad energies.

For example, we can place:

  • Cacti repel bad energies, we can place it near the windows and always outside.
  • A pot with mint can also be very beneficial, since it is a plant with many spiritual and medicinal properties, and when we need a tea, it can help us heal.  

3. Repair what dañado and get rid of the broken

Repair home

We must eradicate from our immediate surroundings environmental messages that go against prosperity thinking and replace them with those that favor it.

In other words, we need to introduce the feeling of prosperous happiness into our home, undertaking postponed repairs, such as broken glass, painting the walls, repairing leaks.

Even those objects that were once broken and we put them away. Time to repair or dump. Whenever we keep broken things next to it, we also hide fears and attachments, we must let go!

4. Enhance the feeling of prosperity in our home

Meditate at home

To enhance the arrival of positive energies in our home and with them abundance and prosperity, we must use powerful spiritual elements in our home.

For example, keep kitchen containers filled with rice, grains and cereals, since this type of action implies well-being and economic development.

We can also:

  • use three Chinese coins hanging on the door and also carry them in your wallet
  • wearing talismans that help to remember that we want to be prosperous,
  • place a Buddha of abundance or cinnamon sticks,
  • a horseshoe near the hearth to prevent bad eyes from disturbing us.

When we perform these actions, we are indicating to the Universe that in addition to desiring prosperity, we are preparing to receive it.

5. Help us sleep peacefully

Sleep in peace

We pay attention to our resting place, to eliminate that bad energy that disturbs our sleep and takes away our tranquility.

For example, let's know that the bed should never be exposed to:

  • A mirror that reflects it, because it disturbs sleep,
  • nor to electrical appliances that emit electromagnetic pollution.
  • Nor should you be left with your feet facing the front door, since it is said that the vital breath goes that way.

Do not sleep under beams or sloping ceilings, or with the bed near bathrooms or kitchen ovens, to avoid negative feelings.

Likewise, we must keep our bedroom collected and ventilated. We can even put some incense to relieve the burden of the environment and thus sleep more peacefully.

6. Place talismans and amulets that protect us

Prosperity at home

Strengths can be stimulated from the energy that talismans emit, such as good vibes, wisdom, prosperity, love, health, and other beneficial sensations. Therefore, it is recommended to place talismans and protective amulets in the house.

For example, the Chinese Dragon symbol is an emblem of good fortune and one of the most important celestial creatures in the Chinese pantheon.

The sound of running water and the singing of birds and the scents of cinnamon, rosemary and lavender are also talismans that help restore balance and relax the environment.

7. Burn white sage and other powerful herbs

Salvia for the home

Energy cleansing with white sage or other herbs such as rosemary and rue, is one of the oldest and fastest ways to eliminate negativity from our home.

  1. First we start at the back of the place to clean and walk around the habitation covering the entire space.
  2. We move the smoke from the corners of the habitation, where bad energies are concentrated, up to the ceiling.
  3. We repeat this process every habitation and also around the door.

At the end, we let the herbs used, outside the home, burn completely. This way we make sure to maintain a clean environment of bad energies. We only need to burn one for a few minutes a day.

Rough plant to activate "the good"

Also to keep the home clean, we can use the Ruda plant, both female and male, the male is placed to the left of the door and the female to the right and that drives away bad energy.

Similarly, we can pass a leaf of rue on the body and then burn it to cleanse the energies of oneself.

To clean the home, it is also recommended to use sandalwood, or palo santo, it is also very good for cleaning in the form of incense or incense.

8. Put protective minerals in the home

Quartz for good energies
Quartz are very powerful and having them in the home is beneficial

Many well-known stones and minerals absorb negative energy from both people and objects.

The best way to use these protective minerals is to place a piece in each corner of the habitation. By doing so, we prevent negativity from entering and accumulating in that space.

For example, black tourmaline relieves anxiety and depression, it extracts all the negative energy from our body or from the place where it is placed.

And the quartz of all kinds of colors also act as repellents of bad energy and attract a very positive spirituality if we place them in the habitations of the house

The important thing is that we follow these tips often and throughout the year, so we will not give way to negative energies, much less allow them to stay by our side.

Other powerful cleansing and rituals we can perform:

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