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How to talk to Oshún? Rezo and Ebbo

How to talk to oshún

Oshun mistress and mistress of the rivers, who glimpses for her beauty, for her seasoning when dancing, for her sensuality, goddess of love and gold.

Protective Orisha who defends and takes care of her children, but does not admit disrespect because she judges those who offend her mercilessly and her punishments are usually severe.

Oshún is light and dark, you never know when she is upset, we must be patient and sensible, knowing these characteristics and we must get an idea of ​​how to address this deity.

If you are going to speak to Oshún you need a lot of faith above all else, do so with your heart and with respect.

Many ask ...

How can I converse with our beautiful Orisha Oshún?

If you have not done it yet, you should know that you will feel totally renewed and full of strength if you go to a river, and sitting calmly, talk to her.

Remember that Oshún is the owner of the fresh waters, if you don't have a river nearby you can also talk with her in a quiet place, like a leafy tree.

Find her anywhere in nature, she is in your heart, no matter if you speak to her from your habitation or your favorite space in the house as long as it is with faith.

1. Visit the temple of Oshún: Los Ríos

When you visualize the river, cross yourself, and say hello from the heart saying: Yalodde Yeyé Kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo!

Find a quiet place where you can connect with Oshún, if you can, enter your hands into the water and gently move its waters and you will begin to tell both sorrows and joys, if you cry then let your tears fall into the river.

It may seem fictional to you, but I assure you it is not, because the connection you establish is magical, you will feel a powerful sense of relief.

2. Give your heart offering

If you have honey and bring him, he will be deeply grateful, as well as sunflowers, his favorite flowers.

If you want to sing her a song, if you want to treat her with yellow flowers, even if you find them on her banks or on the way to the river, she will also feel happy.

You know why? Because everything that is done with love, firmness and faith is grateful for Oshún.

3. Pass on your words in faith

I recommend that you lean on her and be your stick in life, because she is a compassionate mother and will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Tell her your sorrows, your happiness, ask her for advice, but always remember to do it with sincerity, she knows everything about you, you could not lie to her at all.

You will not regret meeting this Orisha and if you already know her learn to treat her with respect and much, much love.

4. With this prayer you will be flattered:

Oshún yeyé mi oga mi gbogbo ibu laiye nibo gbogbo orno orisha lo uwe nitosi gba ma abukon ni omi didun nitosi oni alafia ati ayo obinrín kuelu re aché wiwo ati re maru acho gele nitosi yo ayaba ewa huela nitos reri reri ati ayo ayo mo nigbati wa ibinu obinrín ikú iko Olofin, odukue.

5. Making Ebbó on behalf of Iyalorde

Iyalodde with its honey attracts many passions and with its flowers brings prosperity.

The best way to remove what bothers us in our daily walk is doing Ebbó (cleaning) and also the most recommended, because it connects us with the Orishas.

Doing Ebbó is also a way of talking with Oshún, so he likes us and we take care of him, when you consider that you need to recharge your energies, this will help you to purify, cleanse and alleviate ills.

Through this ritual, made from the heart and with faith, the Goddess of the Rivers rescues us from what she gives us.aña giving us love and health.

If you are not the son of Oshún or do not have a river nearby to perform the Ebbó, I recommend this powerful Work that is just as effective: Click here

Remember that the Orishas can reward, but they can also sanction and impose punishments, through our positive and negative acts they mediate our lives, do not curse, do not ever disrespect.

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