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How to prepare cascarilla Step by Step? Sacred element in Santeria

How to do cascarilla Santería

La cascarilla it is a sacred element, pure and highly spiritual, which is why it has been used in spiritual and religious rituals for a long time.

It is a strong purifying cleanser that is made from powdered eggshells, mixed with holy water.

La cascarilla, is considered as the purest element that exists and through it, spiritual and mental clarity is achieved.

In addition, it is an extremely useful element for rituals to protect the home, a specific space, or a person and can be used in stone or powder form.

QWhat is the use of cascarilla in Santeria?

Uses of cascarilla
  • For example, to spread on the doors of the home or other objects as an element of protection,
  • dissolved to give a protective bath,
  • a cross made of cascarilla on the sole of the shoe protects the steps,
  • in spiritual masses and works with the spirits,
  • ceremonies and religious rituals practiced in the cult of the Rule of Osha-Ifá.

This religious element also helps to drive away bad vibrations and evil spirits and to draw circles and sacred symbols in religious rituals.

Let's do "Cascarilla» to protect and purify!

Eggs to make cascarilla Santería
White eggshells to make cascarilla

La Cascarilla It can be used in a wide variety of rituals and works, but it is especially useful for cleansing and protection.

Although this element can be bought in many stores and religious botanists, we can also make it at home, as it is easy to do, although we must bear in mind that this process must be done manually and añagiving a lot of spirituality.

Ingredients to make the cascarilla

So to make dust of cascarilla we will need:

  • Jar or container to prepare the mixture
  • White eggshells
  • Mortar or grinder
  • Holy Water

Where can we get the holy water from?

This sacred liquid can be extracted, for example, from the Water of the cup of the Holy of Holies of the spiritual Vault, Church water, serene water, or also spring water, because it has the direct energy of nature.

With these elements we can begin to make our cascarilla:

How to do the cascarilla homemade?

In the ingredients we specify that it must be white egg, that is, not Creole egg as we call it in Cuba, which is a little darker.

  1. First we must have some eggshells depending on the amount we want to make, we rinse them and let them dry.
  2. To dry them we will leave them in the sun, and give it air.
  3. When they are dry we place the shells in a mortar or grinder if you are going to make a larger quantity, and grind little by little until it is well crushed.
  4. We continue grinding until they have the texture of a fine powder.
  5. Finally, that powder that we obtained as a result we mix it with holy water until we achieve a homogeneous paste.
  6. You can make balls, or put them in a small mold, they are generally 3 centimeters wide. But you can make it as you wish.
  7. Then you must put it to dry and it must give it air.

And list. When it is dry you have the cascarillaRemember to do it with great faith and spirituality. Remember to keep it in a dry place away from moisture.

When the cascarilla How can we use it?

As we explained the cascarilla It is excellent for cleansing and protection rituals, therefore, there are dissimilar ways to use it.

  • We can take a little bit in our hands and blow it on the space that we want to clean of bad energies. Above all, in the corners of the house to ward off all the bad.
  • We can also take some powder from cascarilla and trace a cross behind the front door to the house and windows, to protect from dark vibes.
  • If mixed with a little powdered or chopped rue and lavender it is a great protector against bad energies and also repels and wards off any damage.

Other elements and rituals with cascarilla:

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