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How to make an altar to Oshún on the eve of his day?

How to make an altar to Oshún

Oshun, the goddess who represents the intensity of feelings and spirituality, human sensuality, love and femininity, always dressed in yellow, with gold bracelets, and body ornaments, celebrates her day at the Osha Rule every September 12 .

And the Cubans fill it with the most intense displays of their devotion, it is she, syncretized with the Virgin of Charity of Copper, patron and protector of this Island.

A blessed Oshún likes to protect pregnant women and women in labor from all evil. The Yoruba goddess adores rivers, as it is their representation in nature and in favor of her femininity and sensuality, she likes to wear jewelry, body ornaments and adores riches.

And that is why many of the offerings that devotees offer him in his day respond to these characteristics. They take sunflowers, Ochinchín, sweets and bright ornaments to the rivers and scatter them so that they soon reach the goddess of Love.

But as a sign of love and devotion, we can also make altars in his name, always attending to faith and loyalty to the deity.

Altar for the Goddess of Love

We must clarify that Oshún is always grateful from the most humble display of devotion to the most striking. She enjoys in her day, the loyalty of her devotees and likes to fulfill wishes, the more specific, the better. For this reason, we must always be realistic and consistent with our requests.

How to assemble the altar?

  1. If you have received Oshún remember that your space must be orderly and above all clean, if not choose a nice and beautiful place, remember that our Orisha is very presumptuous and vain.
  2. And so its altar, like the altars of each orisha, is adorned with distinctive colors and aspects, such as yellow cloth in honor of its color.
  3. You can place those ornaments that you want to offer, shiny objects that simulate the gold that belongs to you, oars, sunflowers and white or yellow candles.
  4. Oshún adores the prayers before her altar that may contain a representation of her, such as a picture, photo or sculpture, do not forget to thank the blessings received.

He who thanks her for being alive and having the joy of loving and being happy, she will reward him, with more happiness, more happiness, more luck and more health.

Offerings at the Oshún altar

Candles, flowers and offerings of all kinds are placed at the foot of the altar. It is arranged and decorated according to its characteristics, with food, drink, candles, omiero (spiritual water), sculptures and other elements destined to commemorate the date.

One of the best offerings to thank the goddess can be to light an amber or yellow candle in front of the altar and pray and tell her about our gratitude.

We can also put 5 sunflowers of the most beautiful that we can find, as this is the Orisha's favorite flower.

Likewise, Oshún likes to be entertained with her favorite food, which is included on the altar as:

  • Ochinchin, a dish prepared with some special ingredients, to learn how to make it Click here
  • gofio crowbars
  • honey
  • I smelt with saffron
  • sweets of all kinds
  • doves
  • squash
  • pumpkins which is a fruit that he loves, among others.

The most important thing is that what you offer to the deity you do with your heart and with great faith, it does not matter if your altar is simple or if you only offer the light of a candle, the gratitude and love with which you give it, it is worth a lot . Blessings and may the mantle of Oshún Iyalorde always shelter you.

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