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How to make a Spiritual Vault? «What you should keep in mind»

how to make a spiritual vault

Much has been said about the importance that Afro-Cuban religion gives to the spirits of the ancestors. They are asked for their blessing and protection from trouble.

The spirits of the dead o egguns they play a fundamental role in religious ceremonies and that is why believers always have them present on this existential plane.

To the Egguns, the Spiritual Vault is dedicated, an altar and site of power found in the home of the devotee, a sacred space that allows us to establish and clarify the connection with our ancestors.

This altar represents a meeting place for energies of spiritual entities that surround those who habitan at home and that could be summoned for spiritual assistance.

And the preparation of the Spiritual Vault is extremely important to have positive energies around us.

Preparation of the spiritual vault:

Although there are different ways to install the spirit vaults it is generally needed:

  • 6 Transparent white glasses without drawings or reliefs.
  • 1 transparent white cup
  • 1 Cross or crucifix (wooden recommended)

The glasses and the cup will be filled with ordinary tap water.

1. Choose a suitable place

For the preparation of a Spiritual Vault, first, you must choose a good place that meets two basic conditions:

  • Security and
  • Functionalism.

But above all a clean, fresh space where we can breathe calm and spirituality.

Before choosing this place, let us think that it will be that place where we will sit down to pray, meditate and talk with our protective spirits, where we will tell our afflictions and sorrows from the heart, and where we will also offer gratitude to the beings that protect us.

In addition, it must be a place away from normal circulation and that does not offer a fire hazard due to burning candles.

To consider:

  • Do not choose places in the house where you can be naked or have sexual relations, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, remember that we must respect spirits.
  • A place that stays clean, for example, do not put the vault in a roofless outdoor patio where it can get wet or remain dirty.

2. Setting the table and spiritual assistance

To prepare the spiritual vault, choose a firm table with a flat surface and that is well cleaned. Then it is covered with a white cloth as a tablecloth and, if possible, the legs of the table should be avoided.

Then the spiritual assistances (glasses) will be placed in line, one next to another, forming an open arch towards the person, in the shape of a horseshoe.

In it, the highest cup or glass will represent the Blessed Sacrament, for this reason the cross or crucifix is ​​placed inside it.

It will also include a candle in the front, in the center, and flowers that should always be kept fresh, in clean water. Photos of our deceased relatives are also placed to give birth to those beings.

  • If you want to know the Different positions of the Spiritual Vault I recommend you read the following article: CLICK HERE

Consecration of “the Spiritual Vault”

After completing the entire process of preparing the spiritual vault, it must be inaugurated and consecrated.

This ritual process is very important, it has a great spiritual meaning, in the consultation or mass where they indicate that you must have a spiritual vault, they should help you and explain if you can do it yourself, or if you need the assistance of a major.

For the inauguration and consecration of a Spiritual Vault, you must have:

  • Water,
  • Velas
  • Cascarilla,
  • Eau de cologne,
  • A branch of basil,
  • A preparation with plants (omiero) and
  • A round or oval container with a flat bottom, made of glass, ceramic, or clay.

Combining these elements, a ritual is performed and the habitation where it was placed.

In addition, a white candle must be lit in the Vault, daily, for at least seven days.

It is very important to keep this space clean, not to let the water in the glasses dry out or the flowers to wither.

Remember that assistance to our Eggun is a priority when we have a vault, we cannot neglect it, because we would be forgetting the beings that protect us.

Should everyone have a Spiritual Vault?

Not all people should install a spiritual vault.

This the person will be able to know through a spiritual mass where their spirits speak and make their requests, or also through a consultation with a Santero, spiritist or a Babalawo.

Are all vaults the same?

Each vault can be different, depending on what its Eggun and spirits that protect it ask for.

Therefore, we consider that, although the vaults are installed in a traditional way, there are also other valid ways of placing them according to the wishes and requests made by the beings that accompany them.añana you.

For example, the way the glasses are placed, the attributes that are placed and even the food can vary, depending on the tastes of each spirit.

So you don't have to worry if you already have a vault installed as directed by your elders and ancestors.

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