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Pumpkin lamp to illuminate the arrival of witches on Halloween

How to make a pumpkin lamp

On October 31, Halloween is celebrated, a holiday that protects the return of souls to earth, tradition establishes that family spirits approach their old homes in order to visit their relatives, while others roam the streets scaring homeless people and playing jokes.

Many of these beings go to the dwellings for the sole pleasure of disturbing human beings, for this reason the home must be protected so that harmful influences do not disturb the astral of its inhabitants.

The witches They are ancient supernatural entities, those who possess great spiritual power and herbal knowledge.

How to make a pumpkin lamp?

October 31st they receive a great energetic discharge doubling their power and astral influence, receiving in the same way the license to penetrate the dwellings freely.

So that his blessing reaches the homes and their families, a lantern or pumpkin lamp is made, which is placed at the entrances of the houses, the gardens and the windows.

This lantern is at the same time a tribute and a protective amulet against curses and spiritual disturbances.

Ingredients needed to make the magic lantern:

  • A medium pumpkin
  • A candle
  • A few pennies

The pumpkin that is used in this preparation is the flattened or rounded one popularly called American pumpkin. It is necessary to make sure that it is in perfect condition and is free of bruises.

Procedure to prepare the protective charm against hexes:

  1. The pumpkin is taken and an opening is made in the upper part taking care that it does not lose its shape, thus being divided into two halves. 
  2. The seeds and adhesions that it has inside are gently removed, leaving it as clean as possible.
  3. With the help of a fine-pointed knife, small holes will be made, openings through which the light will later come out.
  4. Immediately after, a lighted candle is taken and placed inside it and añagive a few cents as a tribute.
  5. Finally, the pumpkin is closed by placing the cover that had been removed previously, thus finishing the lamp.

These spirits can be offered food, candles, and flowers. October 31 is the appropriate day to invoke the presence of these beings and beg for their blessing, since the witches are jealous entities protecting the home.

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