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How to make Homemade Candles made of Honey to enhance the Rituals?

How to make a honey candle

Candles, in addition to their ornamental value, have a wide esoteric and spiritual use.

We know that they are not simply ways to enlighten us, but that they represent a close spiritual relationship and are used in numerous rituals.

Among all, one of the most powerful for rituals and requests, are the honey candles.

And it is that, since ancient times, honey was a sacred element and an offering intended for the gods. The Egyptians believed that honey came from the tears of the god Ra and for the Romans, it was the elixir of longevity and creativity.

Candles made from pure honey and beeswax have the ability to:

  • Move positive energies
  • attract love and passion
  • enhance kindness and good feelings
  • attract prosperity, luck and abundance
  • are used in cleansing and purification rituals

Many indicate that honey candles attract love and affection because they are made from one of the sweetest and most powerful substances in terms of love spells.

AñaAdding honey candle to a spiritual ritual guarantees that the strength of our request is doubled, since the power of this natural element to clear negative energies and block bad desires is immense.

Let's do a honey bee candle very easy to attract love and all good things

Honey candle with wax sheets
Honey candles made with wax sheets

Making a honey candle is extremely easy, in fact, some are made directly with a sheet of wax from a honeycomb.  

But when we buy it we must always make sure that the candle is really made of honey, because only then will it make the requests more effective and our rituals will have a better chance of success.

To make a honey candle we need:

  • a sheet of wax from a honeycomb (you can buy it in esoteric stores or specialized stores)
  • a piece of wick for the candle

All we have to do is put the wick at one end of the sheet and roll it until you have a kind of tube. Before you have to cut the sheet according to the size of the candle you want.

Then we light the candle and proceed to perform our cleansing ritual and ask for good things for our lives.

You can make them the size and shape you want, Below we leave you a video in case it is easier for you to learn how to do them.

What are the uses of honey candles?

Honey candles have multiple esoteric and spiritual uses. Its benefits are counted in the thousands, as they enhance all kinds of rituals.

Among its many uses, honey candles in spirituality can:

  • Love rituals to revitalize love ties
  • Works to attract success and prosperity in our life
  • Spiritual baths to regain health, love and positive life energies
  • Cleaning the home or business to attract abundance and fortune

There are numerous ways to use these benefits for our well-being. For example, during a ritual bath We just need to light the candle, make our request and ask for good things while we shower.

But keep in mind that we should not make requests next to the honey candles, lightly. Before asking for something we must be able to assume the consequences that will arise from our request and be extremely honest, above all, not ask evil for anyone.

  • Below we share some rituals in which you can use these powerful candles.

Learn about some powerful rituals where you can use the honey candle:

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