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How do we make an Infinite, Homemade and Aromatic Candle with water and oil?

How to make an infinity candle

The infinite candles They are extremely popular today, and best of all, we can make them at home.

Did you know that an infinite oil candle can last a long time burning? Exactly 6 hours or more.

In addition, they are very economical, as their name confirms, we can reuse them without having to spend money to replace it.

They are very durable and also aesthetically beautiful as we decorate it, and they can give off aromas if essential oil is added according to our preference.

Although these types of elements are not polluting, so they can be located anywhere in the home, we must always take into account the type and quality of essential oils and dyes that we use.

However, the little smoke they produce is not toxic since the wick is a piece of paper.

When can we use these infinite candles?

Whenever we want to activate good energy and bring light to a place, for example:

  • In our home or business to set the spaces and relax.
  • While we rest, study or work, if you añawe gave essential oils these will help us in concentration and well-being.
  • To perform ritual baths or purify our spaces of bad energy.
  • Bring light to the deities we worship and use them while we pray.

Infinite Candles: «some tricks to make them come true«

Infinity candles are also known as ecological candles, because they are feasible for environmental care and savings.

An infinite candle is a type of candle that can be recycled and does not have to be replaced, it is only necessary to renew the oil when it has been consumed and the wick.

The infinity candle is extremely easy to do. We now propose some ways to do it to achieve it.

We will need the following materials:

  • Plastic bottle of which we will use the top or bottom as a support for the candle wick
  • Tap water
  • Cooking oil of any kind
  • Glass container, for example a glass or goblet
  • Toilet or kitchen paper to make the wick

Optional: Essential oils to provide aroma and colorants to give harmony and color to the candle.

Procedure to make a homemade infinity candle of water and oil:

Important: Although we can use a plastic bottle to support the wick, sometimes, depending on the type of plastic, this does not work, because it can burn and sink.

Therefore, we can also use a cork or the bottom of an aluminum soda can.

In this case, we try the plastic bottle first.

First we make the support for the wick of the candle:

  1. We cut the bottom of the plastic bottle to make the base of the candle.
  2. It should be cut so that there is a circle and we make a hole in the center.
  3. The wick is inserted into this hole so that it can be impregnated with oil.

Let's build the infinite candle:

  1. Then we look for the glass container that will let in more light and contribute to a beautiful lighting, although we can also use containers made of other material.
  2. Now we fill the container with water halfway.
  3. We can add colorants and essential oil to the water if we want to add creativity to our candle and improve the environment at home.
  4. Then we add the oil to the container. We can use any type of oil: sunflower, soy, olive ...
  5. We add until a layer of a couple of fingers forms on the surface of the water.

Then we use the toilet or kitchen paper and roll it until we get the wick of our candle. We introduce it into the plastic circle that we have cut and cut the remaining part.

Our infinite candle is ready!

We only place the plastic support on the water surface inside the glass or glass container that we have chosen.

And when the wick is soaked in oil, we can light it.

How long does the candle last? What should we do so that it does not turn off?

The candle can last between 6 to 8 hours, until the oil runs out.

We will only need to add more oil and change the wick so that it continues to light.

The duration also varies according to the amount of oil that we put, it is something to take into account.

This is an inexpensive and simple option to harmonize spaces, you can add decorative details, paint the container, or as you wish to make it so that you can decorate your spaces with this infinite candle.

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