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How to honor Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla in their day?

Offering to Yemayá to the sea

Yemaya, the queen of the waters, and the Virgin of Regla, syncretized in the same Creole cult, celebrate their day on September 7.

Both deities receive the devotion of Cubans and the world in the seas, in the houses or in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla, located in the capital municipality of the same name, where hundreds of people come to pay homage to them.

How to attend the Goddesses in their day?

Many go to the sea wearing blue and white colors, symbols of Yemayá and the Virgin. And they carry offerings down to the bay, showing appreciation and asking for his blessing.

Devotees from all over the country worship the Orisha Yemayá and the Saint on the altars of their houses, with touches, offerings, addimús and other expressions of gratitude and fervor.

But what can we do to celebrate the holy orisha and ask for her blessing on her day?

1. Talk to the Goddesses in the sea

Offerings to Yemayá at sea

We can thank Yemayá from her temple, the sea and there talk quietly with her, looking at the waters and asking her for her comfort and her blessing.

We thank the saint and we talk to her about our life and our joys and also about what ails us. We pray to her for health and happiness and we praise her, showing her our devotion. But above all, let us not forget to thank on this beautiful day for the blessings we receive.

2. Offer flowers with love and faith

Offering of Flowers to Yemayá

On an altar, at home or at sea, we can place flowers for the goddess of the seas and the patron virgin of Regla. The deities worship the white, red and blue flowers. These are some of the best we can offer you:

  • White roses

To ask for health, we can take a basket of white roses to the seashore and ask for their help and blessings. Or place them in water on your behalf in our home.

  • Hydrangea

A blue flower that always symbolizes gratitude towards the goddess for all the good things we receive, her protection and mercy.

  • Jazmín

Represents sensuality, fertility and purity at the same time. Ideal to ask for the blessings of Yemayá and the Virgin.

3. Offerings that the Saint likes Orisha

Ochinchin de Yemayá is offered to the deity of the seas, made with shrimp, capers, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, tomato and chard.

He also likes green plantains in balls or yams with okra, whole fish, sweets such as gofio palanquetas with molassesaña, burnt coconut, brown sugar, and fruits such as watermelon, pineapples, papayas, grapes, water pears, apples, and oranges.

In the same way, you can offer and give away items related to the marine world, and objects made based on their colors, which are light blue and white.

Remember that to make your offerings you must pronounce your name touching the ground and then kiss your fingertips, a symbol of respect before performing any ritual that the goddess values.

4. Prayers of thanks

Yemayá, goddess of the sea and mother of all the Orishas, ​​is prayed to by her devotees, who seek wisdom, fertility, riches, inspiration, motherhood, strength and wealth. But they also pray to thank him for his blessings.

Yemayá likes to laugh out loud and adores the joy of her children, but she also likes their gratitude and displays of their devotion.

This is a simple prayer to invoke the holy orisha, thank and ask for her blessing:

Yemayá, Blessed Mother of the Seas, Let Your Sacred Waters bathe me.

Mother, hug me, your humble son.

Cleanse me, Nurture me, Sustain me.

Yemayá, beautiful.

You who wear the Seven Skirts of the Seven Seas,

revolves around me and creates a flow of energy

which can eliminate all evil.

Yemayá, lover of the moon,

Shine your light on me

And fill me with your magic.

Help me achieve my goals

Yemayá, Mother Ocean Healing

I ask You to fill me with Your Healing Energy

Let Your Cleansing Waters wash over me

Heal me with Your Regenerative Powers.

5. Dedicate an altar to Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla

Yemayá snails

Creating an altar for Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla both in the house and on the seashore is a way of honoring her in her day. The altar is adorned with blue details, with ocean and salt water motifs.

It should always resemble the sea and we decorate it with elements of that natural entity such as seashells, starfish and, above all, a candle that illuminates the image of the mistress of the seas, it can be white or blue.

But it can also be a very simple altar, the important thing is that it is offered from the heart.

There we gave the goddess the offerings of flowers, food or candles and we spoke to her and thanked her for another year of blessings.

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