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How to invoke the Orisha Eleguá? Know the ways to invoke it

How to summon Eleguá

Eleggua He is an older Orisha belonging to the Yoruba pantheon, he personifies the image of a playful child who plays jokes on everyone as he passes through life.

Its representative number is 3 and its traditional colors are red and white, shades of which its ceremonial dress, necklace and foundation are composed.

It is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with the Santo Niño de Atocha and with San Antonio de Padua. Its festivity is celebrated on June 13, this deity can be attended any day of the week, although it is frequent that on Mondays it receives special offerings.

Ways to Invoke the Orisha Eleguá

Does the sound of the Whistle attract or drive the Orisha Elegguá away?

The sound of the Whistle is taboo in the house where the Orisha Elegguá lives, the Osha establishes that its sound should only be emitted during the celebrations in order to animate the environment and please this saint.

When the whistle is blown outside the festivities related to Eshu, the deity is frightened and leaves the premises immediately, a fact that prohibits its use in such circumstances.

The Matraca piece of wood through which the presence of the owner of the roads is invoked.

The Matraca or carraca is a percussion musical instrument of the idiophone family that is traditionally made from wood.

It is made up of a body to which some mobile hammers are attached, which are responsible for creating the sound when hitting the body of the ratchet, the piece by which this object is held is known under the name of handle.

Through the rattle, the name by which the sound of the rattle is identified, the presence of the owner of the roads is invoked, this piece can officially replace the traditional maraca that the saint owns.

Laughter is the sound that most pleases the playful deity of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Laughter is a very powerful biological sound because just by sprouting it is capable of warding off any evil, its rumble is strong and vibrant, being able to infect everyone with joy with its presence.

Let us consider then that laughter is an inexhaustible source of harmony, being the same responsible for attracting happiness and good fortune for this reason, whenever there is laughter, the presence of holy Eshú will be found who personifies happiness.

The Red and Black Maraca Eshú ceremonial tool.

Through the sound of the red and black güira, the religious requests the immediate presence of Elegguá.

His maraca is considered a ceremonial element in the Santeria rule As she acquired during Osha's coronation all the rituals pertinent to the consecrations that took place in the saint's room, she lives next to the Orisha at the feet of her fryer.

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