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How to invoke Obatala? Prayers and prayers to the Orisha

How to invoke Obatala

When the Universe is created, Constitution y Olodumare They decide to lower their son Obbatalá to earth to give life to his other creation: the earth.

Obatala He is big and powerful, Orisha belonging to the Yoruba pantheon in charge of establishing everything on earth and carving the human body. He is a bedside Orisha and is crowned.

He is a pure and sublime divinity, owner of everything white, absolute lord of all the heads of the human being, who watches over our thoughts.

Although he is a righteous deity, Obbatalá also creates people with physical and mental disabilities, with lust, arbitrariness, with greed, anger and pride.

Many times they tell us to talk and invoke the Orishas and we do not know how to do it, especially because connecting with our spiritual side is difficult, and we are not able to understand the great secrets that spirituality holds.

How do I talk to the father of all, Obatalá?

Obatalá requests requests for health, humility and patience, in order to communicate with this Orisha it must be done with respect, care, whiteness, neatness, always thanking him and asking for his blessing because he is the Orisha father and king of peace and harmony. and obedience is owed to him.

obatalá habita at the top of the mountainsañas, from there he gives us transformation, righteousness and justice, his mercy is immense and he attends to the requests that are made from the heart and with faith.  

When you want to talk to Obatalá:

  • You should be calm, feel peace and quiet.
  • Do it in a clean space in your home, or near elevations on the ground, such as mountains.añas.
  • Light a candle, talk in your mind or out loud about all your problems, afflictions and feelings with sincerity.
  • Offer your gratitude, remember that gratitude towards the Orishas is indispensable, we must not only ask, but give thanks.

Invoke Obatala with prayers and prayers:

In our religion you can find various prayers to invoke and establish a strong energetic connection with Obatala.

This is one of them:

I pray to Obatala to ask for a person:

Obanla or rin n'eru ojikutu s'eru
O gba a giri l'owo osika.
Oba n'ile Ifon alabalase oba patapatan'ile iranje
Either I kelekele or my l'ore
O yi 'ala
O fi l'emi asoto l'owo
Osun l'ala or fi koko ala rumo
Oba Igbo
Oba igbo oluwaiye re eo ke bi owu la

Translation to Spanish:

Obatalá, owner of all white fabrics, you are the only one who does not have any fear of death.
Father of all heaven, king who rules over all the generations of the world.
I ask you to please dissolve all the burdens that my friends possess.
Be the only one capable of exposing all the abundance.
So that I become like your great white cloth.
Protector of all white fabrics, I salute you.
Father of the great Sacred Grove.

Prayer to Obatala for love:

King of all kings I call you
Your kingdom is in heaven
Your glory is hope
Faith and charity are your bonanza
Father of all the saints in the world
Father of all the good, of all the white
Your emblem is peace
Always give me your wisdom to understand what I cannot
Give me the right word for those who want and want to hear it
Give me patience and resignation, to be able to bear any pain
Give me the tranquility of my spirit
When anger is my counselor and friend
King of all kings
Your kingdom is in heaven
Your glory is hope
Faith and charity are your bonanza
Father of all the saints in the world
Father of all the good, of all the white
Give me your blessing to endure with altitude
What my karma would have thrown my way
Because only I forged it or allowed it to be made
Because only I have to repair it
And no other even if I wanted to.
Because my prize is reserved
It will be the one that deserves me and not another that is fingered
Oh Father Obatalá take care of me and
(Name of individual)
At night watch me and
During the day while I sleep
I trust your holy wing, your protective mantle
I trust in all your power, sovereign redeeming king.

Prayer to Obatala for health and protection:

Iba Obatala, Iba Oba Igbo, Iba Oba, N'le ifon, O fi koko ala rumo
Òrìsà ni ma sin. Òrìsà ni ma sin. Òrìsà ni ma sin.
Obatala or his n'un àlà. Obatala or ji n'un àlà. Obatala or tinu ala dide. A-di-ni boitti, Mo juba. Roast.

And its translation would be:

Obatala, King of purity, I salute you; The Owner of all White Fabrics, I ask for your complete protection, and blessing for me.
I praise you Obatala, I praise the King of the great and sacred grove, I praise the King of all Heavens, I salute the only owner of the White Cloths.
You are the owner of the White Light, which I serve.
You are the Orisha whom I serve. The Owner of the White Light whom I follow.
Obatala Orisha who sleeps in white. Obatalá Orisha who awakens in white. Obatalá is in everything white.
He is the one who creates everything according to his complete will, I give him my respect.

Always remember that invoking Obatala and the Orishas in general demands a lot of faith, religiosity and spirituality, but above all respect, no matter how you decide to connect with the energies of our deities, you should always do it with love and humility.

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