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How to invoke Ogún with my words? One of the Warrior Orishas

How to summon Ogun

Oggún is the Orisha who owns iron and of all the work instruments that are made with said material.

Habita in the mountains and on the railway lines, where he works from dawn to dusk.

It is identified with the colors green and black, tones with which its ceremonial dress and its eleke (necklace) are made as foundation.

  • This deity is syncretized with Saint Peter and Saint Joseph, saints belonging to the Catholic Church.

Oggún is represented as a large and corpulent man, avid for war and possessing an impetuous character.

Among its qualities, brute strength and courage stand out, as it is one of the Orishas belonging to the tetralogy of the holy warriors.

Deities that come into the life of the religious to change his destiny positively so that the person can establish himself on the plane of the earth.

Powerful Invocation to the great Oggún with my words

Oggún Orisha Guerrero join me in this battle that I face, make my steps yours and take me by the hand so that I do not give up or lower my guard against my enemies.

I ask you, my father, that with your machete you unravel the skein of osogbos that do not allow me to advance and develop as I should, and bring to my path all the irreses that you consider I should deserve.

You who are the owner of iron, I beg you that metal never touches my body and if one day it does, it will be to save my life.

Orisha, owner of the operating room and protector of surgeons, I ask you to grant the sick health and the doctors clarity so as not to err in the diagnoses and procedures that they will carry out under the sacred precept of saving lives.

Oggún I ask you to grant me job stability to be able to honestly support my family, keep out of my way all the osogbos that could harm me and grant me serenity in the moments when anger clouds my sanity. Ashé.

Lucumí Prayer for Oggún the Orisha owner of Iron

Oggún will tie water bebenille Omó canilé cobi cobi, Oggún Aguanillé Omó atabale afebefun Ochosi elquiveca, albure fun inya I will go whoillan I will go who edió bani oké cuemi otolaya.

Translation of the Lucumí prayer

All this My Father, you who have so much power on earth, I your son, I come to greet you, not with the interest that you give me your strength, but so that you overcome the difficulties of life.

We share some rituals that you can perform at the foot of Oggún:

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