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Invoke the power of the goddess Yemayá How to beg her to drive away all evil?

How to invoke Yemayá

Yemayá in the Yoruba pantheon is owed immense respect, since it is said that she is as old as the father orisha himself Obatala.

She is a kind and faithful mother, Queen of the salty waters and representative of intelligence and creativity.

As a mother, she is characterized by being understanding with all her children, being the representation of femininity and motherhood.

What can we ask the Goddess of the Sea Yemayá?

We ask Yemayá, mother of the world and mistress of the seas, for help on numerous occasions:

  1. His power can intervene in practically any matter to defend his children and devotees, be it health, wealth, love, peace.
  2. Many women go to her in case of having problems having a pregnancy or wanting to reach it to a happy term, since Yemayá is also the protector of pregnant women and women, the one who watches over the small newborns.
  3. The children and devotees of the goddess pray to her for her support in love problems, in cases of needing the loyalty of the loved one, asking for her protection for the home, and for all the people who haveabitan in it, also to thank him for his blessings.
  4. As Yemayá is listed as the protector of all women, many dedicate prayers and prayers to her and implore her help in times of need, always showing immense faith and devotion to the Mother of the Seas.

We pray for your favor and blessings. How to invoke Yemayá?

We must pray to Yemayá in a place of peace and tranquility, at home or in nature, and express our requests to her with great faith, love and humility.

To pray to Yemayá, we must remember that on numerous occasions she is syncretized with the Catholic image of the Virgin of Regla and venerated in the same cult, mainly in Cuba.

If we wish, the offerings are placed on an altar of worship that we can build in our own home, adorned with shades of blue, its representative color, and elements that symbolize it such as the moon, sun, anchors, life preservers, boats, oars, seven Silver handles, among others.

Yemayá can also be prayed from the waters edge, its natural temple.

Offerings of:

  • Fruits such as okra, yam, green banana,
  • corojo butter,
  • fish,
  • orange and some other fruits like watermelon.

She also likes the bouquets of white roses, which her devotees place on the crest of the waves to decorate the sea, her temple.

Also in certain rituals sacrifices are made with rams, roosters, guinea fowl, etc.

Powerful prayer to Yemayá to ask for her help and protection

  • So how to invoke Yemayá? So we can pray to the Mother to ask her favor, we light a white or blue candle in her name and we say this prayer with love.

Oh my mother Orisha, my goddess Yemayá, you who reign as the mother of the world,

You are strength and wisdom that maintains creation, Mother and mistress of all goods and the breath of life,

Mother among all mothers, who live in the seas and salt is your brand,

You have the gift of offering infinite and eternal protection, so at this moment I invoke your help, and I ask you to char me and to free me from so much hardship, and to grant me the happiness of being healthy and happy.

Give me always what I need to live, that I do not lack food, health, love or money.

May I always have the strength to move on with life, allow me to have all the strength of a mother's love, and with her maintain my life,

Healthy and active at all times, oh my glorious beloved and venerated mother Yemayá,

I always trust you and I count on your help at all times.

If you want to venerate Yemayá with offerings, we share some rituals:

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