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Miraculous Invocation to Archangel Jofiel to achieve peace talks

How to summon the archangel Jophiel

Jofiel is one of the seven sacred Archangels, his name comes from the Hebrew language and translates as beauty of god, although some scholars have interpreted it as the watcher of God.

It is the archangel that protects wisdom, this is responsible for promoting understanding among human beings.

Upon his sword lays the responsibility to distribute the judgment in the mortal realm as equitably as possible.

Jofiel is in charge of indoctrinating the cherubs, whom he prepares for their future performance, instilling in them the importance of the act that they are going to perform as protective beings and messengers of good on earth and in heaven.

The Archangel Jofiel is considered as the patron saint of artists, on whom he lays his hand so that they transmit through their talents the art of creation and beauty.

How to summon Jofiel? The archangel of wisdom

Monday is the day chosen to venerate the Archangel Jofiel, day of starting the week with all possible spiritual strength, so we pray for his sacred intercession.

Yellow candles are placed on Jofiel, since its image is represented through yellow and gold.

These warm colors that are related to the sun and its ability to give life identify Jofiel as one of the most powerful Archangels that exists, being able to heal the wounds of the soul.

  • Eloquence is one of the virtues that favors, its doctrine is based on the gift of making people capable of understanding each other in peace and harmony.

Because of the sanctity of all his miracles he has received the title of messenger of the secrets of the heart, for being the one who from anonymity helps to fulfill wishes that have never been revealed.

To invoke the Archangel Jofiel you can lean on the following prayer, which is considered a source of faith and understanding for ourselves and for our fellow men.

Remember that when invoking this prayer on Mondays it becomes more powerful because it is the day designated for the worship of Archangel Jofiel.

A powerful prayer to the Archangel Jophiel

Oh wise, radiant, splendid!

Beloved Archangel Jofiel, our minds

And hearts are eager to penetrate

The unfathomable, mysterious labyrinths of

The sublime science of knowledge of

Divinity, power, spirit

From the Lord God who created us and guides us,

And he loves us from cradle to coffin.

Your beloved Archangel Jofiel,

Illuminate our path with the light of eternal wisdom,

Deliver us from the threat of doubt

And misunderstanding, nurtures our spirit

With the indispensable fee that leads us,

To the promised Eden of the righteous.


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