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How to invoke and ask Holy Blessed Barbara? 2 Prayers in his day

Ask Santa Barbara

Saint Barbara is one of the martyrs of the Church who offered his life in sacrifice in order to defend the Catholic faith and love for the Creator.

  • His saints celebrated on December 4It is the date par excellence to thank the fulfillment of such high favors.

In this festivity the man ratifies his faith and gives part of his joys and sufferings under the intercession of the saint.

Invoking Santa Barbara is not a complex task, because if man opens his heart to the love of God and the patron saint of artillery, the message he wishes to convey becomes clearer.

For your search you can take the alternative of going to your Church, but this action is not always necessary, since you can call Santa Bárbara from the place where you are.

What is the best time to ask for Santa Barbara's help?

The schedule of the mañana is the best to perform this type of devotions, because there is greater spiritual peace.

If you wish, you can help yourself with:

  • A white candle and
  • a bouquet of flowers, which will have white and red tones because they are the representative colors of the saint.

Santa Barbara can be invoked any day, but on December 4 the prayer takes on greater connotation because it is the day designated for her festivity.

It is preferable to be in a quiet and private place, you can help yourself with the prayers that we offer below.

After pronouncing them you can make your request to Santa Bárbara, remembering that it must be spoken from the heart.

Prayer to call to faith every day

Most glorious virgin and illustrious martyr Saint Barbara, most powerful protector against lightning and particular lawyer at the hour of death, if it is for the greater glory of God, your honor and the benefit of my soul that I achieve what I desire and ask in this Novena, reach me from your divine husband Jesus this grace; and if not, direct my request and ask God for me what is best for me for his glory, your honor and the benefit of my soul. Amen

Prayer to invoke God and Santa Barbara in any circumstance

God who among the many miracles of your Omnipotence granted the same weak sex the victory of martyrdom:

Grant us graciously that those of us who celebrate the birth of your virgin and martyr Saint Barbara, may come to you through their examples.

By our Lord. Amen.

You can also invoke Santa Barbara with rituals in her name:

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