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How do we talk to Eleguá so that he grants us the Key of Love?

How to ask Eleguá for love

Eleguá, the prince of the Ocha, master and lord of the roads and destiny, he is the Orisha who can answer our prayers if we need a little help in love as long as we pray to him with faith and sincere intentions.

Only in this way will Eleguá intercede so that that special person thinks and reaches out to us.

If we go to the Yoruba warrior Eleguá with a request for love, we must know that the little giant and warrior of the Ocha has the keys to all the doors of happiness, including love, health and money.

He will open them for us and show us the best way to go to succeed in any sphere.

We should never doubt that our prayer to Eleguá will work, because if we have confidence in its powers, it will help us to open paths and make happiness as a couple come into our lives.

Prayer to Elegguá to open the paths of true love and attract that person querida

To humbly and faithfully ask Eleguá to hear our prayer and grant us the key of love, we must raise a prayer asking him to illuminate our path in order to find our special person.

  • So how to ask Eleguá for love? So we pray to the Lord of the Roads to grant us our wishes.

Oh, Majestic Eleguá, I ask for your noble influence so that I may obtain absolute success in everything related to love.

I implore, prince, that with your divine intercession I may be at peace, be prosperous and be able to come out of all the difficulties that may lie on my way to happiness.

I implore you, oh, Eleguá! May, with your blessed majesty, remove all danger from me, open for me the door of love, and may the path behind it always be lit by your light.

Guide my steps and lead me by your hand to walk its path while you radiate it with your sacred light.

It also opens the doors of success, health, work and prosperity.

Oh mighty! Make my way safe, protect me night and day. Make my heart have full happiness by bringing to him true love that nothing and no one can take away from me now or ever, a love that is blessed by you, my powerful Eleguá, and by all celestial beings.

Thank you, Eleguá, for attending to my humble requests and for your favors granted to make them come true.

So be it

What can we do when invoking the prince of the Ocha? Tips

In the Santeria or Rule of Osha Eleguá he is very close and extremely protective of Oshún, the Yoruba Goddess of Love, so he can also intercede for us before that deity, to help us and guide us until we find the love of our life.

We can even ask him to give us back the love we lost or to promote harmony in married life.

Some offerings that the Orisha likes:

To pray to Eleguá for love, we must always take into account placing her favorite offerings, especially:

  • Fruits like green guavas smeared with honey to strengthen the sweetness.
  • We can offer you toys and treats of all kinds.
  • If we wish we can also put flowers, such as red roses, symbol of love and representative color of Eleguá.
  • We must light a white or red candle for it, and choose a place in absolute peace.

It is important to feel calm and serene when praying to ask Eleguá for love, in addition to showing full faith that our prayers will be answered.

On the contrary, Eleguá may feel our doubts and lack of sincerity, being able to refuse to open the paths that lead us to find our other half in life.

If you want to venerate Eleguá with offerings, we recommend some:

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