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How to ask Oduduwá? Prayers for protection and a good path

How to ask Oduduwá

Oduduwa in the Yoruba religion it is symbolized as a creator and doer of justice, and as a divine and impersonal element.

He is considered the owner of solitude and forms an important trilogy with Olofi and Orula, representations that are related to the divine power of Olodumare, so we must know that, to this Orisha, we must invoke him with great faith and immense respect.

Oduduwá is also an Orisha who loves harmony, and always acts calmly, although in other representations he establishes himself as a deity of great character.

That is why in front of him it is not allowed to have fights or shout, so as not to anger him by disturbing his peace.

We must know that we can invoke Oduduwá in times of need and anguish, although you should never forget to thankBecause he can intercede in any situation no matter how complicated it may be, and he even has the power to change a person and put him on the right track.

Due to the great energy that Oduduwá possesses, it can be invoked in times of humanity's crisis, such as the one we are experiencing right now, so that its advice and guidance allow us to overcome adversity.

Baba Oduduwá, as the devotees of the Rule of the Ocha-Ifá call him, acts as the advocate of souls and can reveal the great truths of the world and therefore is invoked as the savior of humanity.

How to invoke the help of Baba Oduduwá?

How to ask Oduduwá with prayers
To invoke the Orisha we can offer him the light of a candle

To invoke Oduduwá, we must remember their favorite offerings.

He always eats together with obbatala and white goat, hen, quail, guinea pig and doves are sacrificed to him.

All animals must be white. He also likes sweet anise or aniseed drink and others like red wine.

After entertaining him, whether with the light of a candle, a white flower or whatever we want to offer him, we ask him with great faith to listen to us and intercede for us and to offer us his protection in these times of need, illness and pain.

This is the prayer to ask Oduduwá for his protection:

Great Oduduwá, you who speak for the spirits and

you protect the world from the living

You who sow peace and harmony among your children,

Great protective and pious Orisha, you who created the land in which we live

Lord of the world and our destiny, please listen to the request of your devoted son.

Oduduwá, savior of humanity, you who scare death and give courage and strength for your children to succeed

I ask you today for your eternal protection for me and mine

Baba Oduduwá, protect me and help me to walk by your hand, with courage and security, until I finally reach my destiny

Remove all evil from me and do not allow the shadow of anguish and disease to cover my house

Spiritual Orisha, you who bring happiness and calm, you who make the world a better place and support your children in every moment of need

Never forsake me

Bless me and protect me

Thank you for giving me the strength to move forward, for your advice and accurate guidance,

So be it

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